Chapter Three

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

"So where to? My place?" he asked holding his arm out to her. She hooked hers in his as they fell into step outside the restaurant.

The lingering smell of fresh mint hit him, it was sweet and fresh.

"Nope," she grinned as she led him down the street. They walked further into the bustle of people and turned left down a lane that was lined with residential and commercial buildings.

"Here," as they came to a standstill at the end. She reached in her bag, collecting her keys to unlock the white double French doors. She flicked on the light as they stepped onto the polished hardwood foyer.

Jon looked around; a simple neutral reception area with a large white desk was in the center of the room. Double doors led out the back where he could make out a workspace. "This is your office?" he asked peeking around the doorframe into the dark studio.

"Uh huh, but up there is my place," she pointed to the curving staircase tucked away in the corner with steel railings.

"Well lead on," he grinned. She locked the doors and flicked off the light to the reception area leaving the stairwell well lit with little spotlights that hung from the ceiling at the end of twisted steel rope.

Colby climbed the stairs to her loft; it was her pride and joy. She'd worked a little harder to get this place, it was twice the rent as her last place but it was in a good area so well worth the expense. She’d got creative in her overheads and befriended a man that worked at the glassworks, so she was always in line for leftovers instead of paying for all her glass. Creative accounting.

Jon walked into the massive open space. Windows stretched around the room, he’d bet that from an artist’s standpoint it would be perfect lighting. The living area and kitchen was open plan with hardwood floors from wall to wall. The walls were surprisingly white and plain, but he supposed the random splashes of color made up for it. A bright red glass vase on the table and a heavy looking turquoise bowl on the coffee table drew his eye.

He chuckled, well shit. The amount of clothes and books that littered the room was phenomenal. It was though someone had dumped the entire contents of her house across the room. Perhaps she liked to spread out.

"What?" she asked. He's totally thinking about the mess.

"Nothing. It’s fantastic. “He looked around at the various art pieces which he assumed were hers. Pieces of random glass were strewn around the room along with sketch pads, pencils in-between her clothes and god knew what else.

She tossed her things on the end of the couch. "Want a drink?" she asked walking to the kitchen plucking a bottle of bourbon from the cupboard. She picked up two lowball glasses and walked back to the couch where Jon was shifting a pile of her things to the side.

"Sorry, I tend to spread out a little," she said holding out a glass.

It was heavy in his hands, thick glass that said anything but retail. "You made this?" he asked.

"Sure did, nothing worse than flimsy glasses that break the minute to drop them into the sink." She screwed the cap off and poured him two fingers worth of Jim Beam.

"You make wine glasses?" he asked holding the glass up and checking out the bottom.

"A few, I haven't for awhile but I might again, who knows," she shrugged. She usually made what she felt like, and lately she'd been on a bead and vase kick. The wine glasses did sell well though. She moved across the room and plucked one out of the cabinet across the room. "Here," she said handing it to him.

"Shit." His fingers held the stem. It was a simple design. One of those modern V cup glasses where the stem was as thick as the base. But it was the faint purple stream of color drizzled through the glass that looked like syrup curving around bowl that made it unique. "This is amazing. You should make more,” he looked up at her, “hell I'd buy them for a start."

"Thanks, I'll keep it in mind." She took the glass out of his hand and placed it back on the table along with her glass of bourbon.

He had to do it. He had to tell her the truth. "Colby, before we do anything I've got a confession to make." The twitch of his lips was hard to keep under control.

She curled her fingers around the collar of his shirt as she pulled him closer. The strong smell of cigarettes, whiskey and something spicy played on her nostrils. "What? You're a virgin?" she laughed and her eyes fell to his lips. What was it about that ridiculously full bottom lip?

His fingers brushed back a lock of amber hair that had fallen loose from her ponytail. "No, that's not it. Believe it or not I like to be honest, so I need to tell you this." He dipped down and brushing his lips from neck to shoulder.

"What?" she managed, letting her head fall back. The feel of his lips against her skin only made her want more. Her hands gripped his shoulders while she waited for whatever he had to say.

"When I guessed your name…" his warm breath was thick on her neck.

"Jesus, Jon," she groaned. This man was driving her insane and he'd only just started. Everything about him had her pulse racing and skin tingling. She wanted him out of his clothes. Now.

"I cheated."

She pulled away from him and he looked up and meeting her gaze.

"Go on," she said folding her arms. The declaration jerked her out of the fantasy. She knew it! There was no way he would have known her work. She wasn't stupid.

"When you went to the ladies I looked in your bag and saw your business card." He waited for the slap, but was surprised when she laughed.

"I knew it. Well then…" she tucked her hands into her pockets and stood. "Guess you miss out then. You should have waited to admit that one. Guess you really aren't the seducer after all." She walked back to the kitchen. She was curious at what he would do next.

Shit! Since when did honesty with a girl not fucking work? He stood and scratched his head. There went his chances for a fuck tonight, damn it! The asshole Jon would have waited ‘til afterwards to admit that. Why did he have pick now to have some manners?

When she didn’t turn around he took three steps towards the staircase. Stopping to look one more time over his shoulder he was thrown off balance and slammed against the wall, her lips locked with his. He tried blinking, hell thinking but couldn’t concentrate on anything but her mouth.

Her fingers again teased at the opening of his shirt and popped a few buttons, now that she didn't expect… no hair whatsoever. Fuck.

He shrugged out of his leather jacket letting it fall to the floor digging his fingers into her hips as spun her around, pushing her against the wall. The surprise and sparkle in her eyes did nothing for his cock which sprang to life in his jeans.

"You want to play huh?" he asked his thumbs hooking over her jeans as he held her gaze.

"And what if I do? Are you going to refuse me?" she asked biting down on his bottom lip and tugging it gently. Soft and full. Not right. His eyes were growing dark again with that look she'd seen earlier and fuck if it didn't make her knees grow weak.

He pressed her harder against the wall, using his knee to wedge between her legs. "Do I look stupid?" his knuckle brushed across her jaw line. With the pad of his thumb he tugged on her bottom lip.

She let his thumb slide into her mouth and sucked it in further, skimming her tongue across the tip. Her eyes were wide and fixed on his.

"You are a dangerous woman," he whispered nosing against her cheekbone letting his lips slide over her lobe. When he felt his body begin to relax against hers, he shoved his knee and pushed her harder back against the wall so she gasped.

"Which is good, because I happen to like danger."

She closed her eyes when his fingers lifted her sweater up and over her head, leaving her in her black lacy bra. When he went for the fly of her jeans she wrapped her hand around his wrist.

"Tit for tat." She fiddled with the buttons of his shirt and peeled open to reveal his broad chest. "Holy shit." She rubbed her palms across the smooth contours.

"Had to get it done for the shoot.” He nibbled at her lobe swirling his tongue around it and sucking it in his mouth. “It hurt like fuck."

She pushed the shirt off his shoulders, leaving his the tanned line of his upper body in front of her. Tight nipples, a six pack to die for and a flat belly that was a production of many hours in the gym.

She traced a finger in the dip above his stomach. "It paid off, believe me." She couldn't take much more of this. She flicked her tongue over one of the tight flesh colored nipples and looked up when he groaned and smiled "A bit sensitive are we?"

His thumb reached out and brushed against the soft lace over her peak. "You tell me?"

She groaned and leaned back against the wall his other hand slid around her back and snapped open her bra clasp with his nails letting it slide down over her arms. He tugged it right off her body and let it fall to the floor. Hell, nice round perky breasts. Good fuck. He nosed against the soft curve, letting the pink tip roll into his mouth. Slow long sucks had her wriggling underneath him.

He used the flat of his palm over her other breast, rewarded by her gasps his mouth continued to assault her. Her fingers gripped at his shoulders, arching her body higher into his mouth. His hand curled around the back of her neck holding her still.

"God yes." She knew those lips were dangerous the minute she'd laid eyes on him and he didn't disappoint. Teeth scraped over her delicate peak slamming her back against the wall. The world was shaking and so was the temptation to scream.

His lips slid back up her body, across the arch of her neck, up her chin and found her mouth wanting. He licked her lips and slid his tongue in, pressing his body harder against hers. The short pants between kisses driving him mad.

Her fingers fell to his jeans, and pulled the buttons apart one by one. His cock strained against the denim, just at her touch in that area was throwing him off balance as he rested his hands against the wall on either side of her and braced himself.

She slid the zipper down and his cock punched through the denim into her hands. Using her thumb, she circled the tip, smearing the drop of pre cum over his length. He bit down and met her gaze, fuelled with the same lust that that was roaring through his veins. It'd been awhile since any woman had played with his dick, and he wasn’t about to stop.


Chapter Two

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

Colby stared into her beer running the tip of her finger along the rim of the glass. "Alright, I can do that. Jon." She rubbed her belly as it growled reminding her that she hadn't eaten breakfast since that morning. "There's a good Chinese restaurant down the road." She watched him tuck his cigarettes and wallet back into his leather jacket.

"Great, so glass blower? That's an unusual profession for a female." The fullness of her lips had him tempted to ask if that was all she was good at blowing. If the night went well, maybe he'd find out.

She scooped up her bag tucking it under her arm. "Yeah, I know. Something I've always enjoyed, creating things, getting my hands dirty so to speak." She tugged at her necklace around her neck straightening the twist in her beads.

"Make that?" the ruby colored glass caught in the dim lighting of the bar. It was fascinating, he'd seen documentaries on glass blowing but he hadn't given the process all that much thought.

She grinned "Yeah and about a hundred other ones, I make the beads, some jewellery buyers buy them and they make the rest," she stood and nodded waiting for him to lead the way out.

Jon stood and made sure Dan had been fixed up. She was already one of the most interesting people he'd met. She was one of those people that were gorgeous without much effort. She had to be single, otherwise she'd of declined the bet. Unless she was one of those girls.

"Tell me more. Come on then Colby." Colby. Another interesting thing, an unusual name. He'd had no doubt that she lived up to the interesting part with ease.

"See you Dan, probably tomorrow," Colby waved.

"Don't do anything or anyone I wouldn't do." Dan waggled his brows as she turned away.

Jon's eyes widened, did she do this often? Well hell. Maybe getting her into bed wasn't going to be that hard at all.

When his fingertips rested on the small of her back, brushing against her spine she felt the tingle. The one that was enough to make her wonder what the rest of his hands would feel like against her skin. Were they calloused like guitar players hands? Or were they soft? "It's just down the road. How long have you been in London?" she asked as he fell into step beside her. The clicks of their heels went in time as she led the way to Chow Time.

"A week, we started filming yesterday," he jammed his hands into his coat pockets.

"What's it about?" she asked letting Jon beat her to opening the door to the restaurant for her.

They were shown to a booth, Jon waited until she was seated before sliding into his side of the booth. Flipping open the menu he began.

"I'm playing an actor debuting in a London play. I'm American, cliche I know but I'm playing an actor who is sexually devious and manipulative," his lips cocked in a smirk. Colby shifted in her seat when his eyes flashed from Cobalt to black momentarily.

She swallowed unsure of what to say, Christ for the first time you're speechless? Good fuck. "Looks like the part was made for you" she scanned the menu, refusing to meet his eyes. "So you're a seducer then?"

And you want him to seduce you don't you?

"Yeah, more to it than that but I'm really enjoying the part so far it's a challenge." He curled his fingers around the leather bound menu "and like challenges," his eyes found hers and held them.

She broke the stare leaning back and crossed her legs under the table. She causally flicked through her own menu pages. "Well, I have been known to be called a challenge a few times." Especially by my mother.

She was still confused with the fact he knew her name. It was crazy? Had he really seen the glassware in the shop? It couldn't have been Dan who told him. Dan always worried that with the way Colby lived her life so freely that she'd be taken advantage of. She knew it came across that way sometimes and the way Jon was looking at her right now, sizing her up. She was pretty sure he was thinking that exact thing.

Jon pulled his gaze from her when the waitress came by, "Lemon Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork ok?" He closed shut the menu.

She nodded "Sure, sounds good to me," she handed her menu back to the waitress as walked back to the kitchen.

She picked up the navy blue serviette and folded it into a triangle "So tell me Jon, if you hadn't guessed my name, how you of would proposed to seduce me?" she looked back up and raised her brow at him.

Jon chuckled and leaned forward "Well, I'm guessing you're not the type to get all hot and bothered over a nice slow candlelight dance" she wasn't a woman that fell to romance. He'd already figured that much out about her.

"You didn't try so how do I know?" her lips poised in a pout as his eyes fell to her lips. She grinned and let her tongue lightly lick her top lip.

His hand curled into a fist. "You're killing me here you know that don't you?" he groaned. She was like no one he'd met. He didn't know what the word was to describe her. She was casual but so assured within herself with it. She reminded him a lot of himself. And the need to, god the need to show her he was serious and could wipe that smile right off her face and replace it with something else was fucking overwhelming.

"And I still haven't decided if we're going home together or not, so start selling yourself to me." She picked up her Corona that had been placed alongside her and wrapped her lips around the top pausing for effect before taking a swig.

Jon choked on his own beer, well fuck. "One night with me and you'll wonder why you bothered with anyone else," he let the smirk widen. "Don't you want to at least make your mind up for yourself?" he leaned back and drummed his fingers against the table.

"Maybe, but don't you have a line for me though? You're special, I've never felt like this with anyone in so long?" she asked dramatically putting her hand across her heart and fluttering her eyes.

"Jesus, Colby" he shook unable to stop the laugh that came from his throat as a few onlookers glanced at them.

"Well you don't?" she asked pretending to be disappointed. He was too easy. Seriously.

"You don't need it, no matter what I say or what I do it's not going to influence you. You've made your mind up already."

Her heart skidded a couple of beats, he'd read her that well already? Well shit. That was the problem with most guys. They didn't get that. They treated woman like they could be influenced by words and actions forcing them to change their mind... Colby wasn't that girl.

Jon lifted his beer to his mouth, the look of surprise on her face was priceless. Well if he wasn't already a Robin Granger of sorts. He wasn't callous like Robin though, Jon could tell a strong mind anywhere and Colby had it. She knew exactly what she wanted and when she'd have it. His eyes took a short dive to her hooded sweater, she some seriously nice breasts swelling under there. Shit.

"Top of the class for that one, very good. So I guess this means you will just have to wait and see what I've decided huh?" she asked picking up her fork when the two large platters of food were brought in. She'd already decided back at the bar that she needed to see exactly what was under that shirt and what he tasted like.

"I guess so," he handed her the small china plate to put some food on. He kept trying to read her, her smiles that were matched by the not so innocent gleam in her eyes. He was going to get lucky tonight.

She speared a piece of pork on her fork and took a bite. "So why the move to London? Away from your family and all?" assuming he lived somewhere in the States.

"Yeah," he began he scraped some chicken across his plate. He wasn't usually in the business of the spilling his personal issues out to anyone, especially those he had just met. "Well I took the acting job because I wanted a lead role and this was a perfect job really, plus it got me away from my wife. Now ex-wife."

Colby's eyes widened, ouch. "Jon I'm sorry." She shook her head, "No I'm not sorry, I apologize. You don't need my pity. Things happen in life for reasons, even though sometimes that's hard to believe when the most unbelievably shitty thing happens." No wonder he looked a little rough around the edges. Colby bet her last dollar that if he wasn't acting he wouldn't have looked so clean cut right now. The worry and stress dug deep around his eyes.

"It's ok, it's over. Time to move on, things to do," he took a mouthful of the lemon chicken. Hell, he hadn't expected to even tell her quite that much.

His face shut off. This conversation was over. "So how long do you intend to be in London?" Ok so now she was looking at a man on the rebound. She wasn't stupid. She could read it all over his face and his intentions were less than subtle. What rock star in their right mind came onto a random girl in a bar? One that wanted to get laid. Suited her, she was never interested in more than a fling so this was perfect, no strings. Just the way she liked it.

"Three months." And already the three months here was looking more promising than an hour ago.

"Know many people here?"

He shook his head and waved his fork in the air "No, just the cast and crew of the movie. A few of my musical contacts are here so I'll probably contact them eventually I guess."

Colby twisted her fork around the noodles before sucking them into her mouth "Well if you want someone to do sightseeing and things, I could be tempted," she dabbed her lips with her fingers before licking them.

That's just not right. The woman's just eating Chinese, get a fucking grip of yourself. "Depends on how tonight goes," he winked at her before looking back down at her plate. If she could be cocky so could he.

Colby chuckled, the flash of silver caught in the light beneath his shirt. And so did the vision of it dragging over her body. She shifted in her seat. "So you're saying if you don't get lucky you won't come back for more" she asked holding her fork in the air.

"No, I'm saying that if you're good I'll come back for more" He wasn't that much of an asshole.

She laughed picking up her serviette "You are something else Mr Bongiovi." They ate in a comfortable silence until the meal finished.

Jon leaned back and placed his palms on the table. "So I'm going to go and pay and then you're going to decide what we do next," he pulled his leather wallet from his pocket and slid from the booth.

And there it was. Ass-tastic jeans walking away from her. She bit down on her lip. Good fuck. She was really going to do this? What was wrong with her? She'd never questioned her instinct before. But she'd never met someone like him either. She gathered up her things and threw her bag over her shoulder to wait for him by the door.


Chapter One

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

"Another one sir?" the barman asked him. Jon looked down at his glass which had long been empty. He nodded and flicked his fingers out signaling for the same again. Jack-Straight up.

He propped his elbows on the cool wood counter and wished he could dig in and take out the pounding in his head. Man what a week it had been. Hours of rehearsals. Finally he had a lead role in a movie he could sink his teeth into. This was London, miles away from bitter arguments and shit slinging matches.

"Tough day?" Jon looked up watching the copper liquid inch up into his glass again as the barman refilled his glass.

He leaned back and scratched his head "Nah, it was alright. Have just started filming on a movie so it's been a bit of an adjustment for me. But good" he tipped the glass to his lips letting the whiskey slide down his throat and burn his belly.

The barman grinned "You're that Bon Jovi fella, aren't you?" his cheerful British accent not so quiet anymore.

"Yeah, that's me" he said cringing when a couple of people looked his way. Smiling he politely nodded and swung himself back around. Thankfully they soon all went back to their business. He let a deep breath out and sighed. The Leading man had started production with a small indie film company, it was new and he was excited to be trying to prove himself on a different stage. He knew the rock star stage inside out so it was time to give this a shot. He’d been looking for something more in his life, and that’s when the acting bug bit him a few years ago. When the London gig came up it couldn't have been at a better time. Three months away from home.

Three months away from her.

"Just started filming this week" he offered the barman tilting his glass towards him swirling the liquid at the bottom.

The plotline couldn't really be a better fit for him right now. Bitter off his separation, His character was a ruthless womanizer who got what he wanted. He fiddled with his ring finger rubbing absently where his wedding ring once was. He was getting used to the idea of being separated. He was a free man now."Great, how long you over here for?" the bartender easily towered over the bar, with a broad smiling face framed by short dark cropped hair. He stood leaning, polishing a glass using the dish towel that was slung over his shoulder.

Jon sat back and ran his thumb and forefinger around the rim of the glass."Three months. He had no idea what he was going to in the downtime. Always planning and always thinking in advance he hadn't thought about anything past the movie and the possibly starting to write his own solo record here.

"Well a lot of sightseeing to be done in the city if you've never been here before, nightlife is good too" he added clanging a glass in the rack of clean ones.

Jon shrugged "A few of the cast and crew mentioned some day trips on our days off..."

"Some nice girls around the place if that's what you're looking for" his gaze falling to Jon's wedding finger.

Jon chuckled and took a long sip of the whiskey. He waggled his brows as a knowing smirk curled at the corner of his mouth. No way was he ready to step into the complicated web of a relationship again. Could he find a woman that was interesting enough to find the energy to bed and have no strings attached with that? It was really all he’d be interested in at this moment.

Jon finished his drink and pulled out a couple of notes pushing them the bartender’s way.

"All done for the night, then?"

"Yeah” Jon looked around the bar, packed with a mix of blue and white collars “you’ll probably see me back. Nice place you’ve got here” Somewhere he could blend in unnoticed. He tugged the collar of his leather jacket up and was about to slide off his stool when a woman pulled up to the bar.

"Same as usual Dan." She slapped a note onto the bar, scraping her hair back into a complicated knot only women seemed to know how to do.

"Boddington's coming right up, Ms. Henderson." He winked, grabbing a half pint glass and pulling her a beer.

She laughed, crossing one leg over the other. "Ms Henderson? What is the Queen in here or something, Dan? Grow some manners since I saw you last?" she teased leaning forward.

Jon's eyes drifted down her body. The navy blue hoodie she had on clung to her body with jeans that he was sure would be ass complimentary if she hadn’t sat down so quickly. Boots on her feet made his brow arch, but they looked well worn. Her Northern American accent was rich with a British twist.

"We've got rock royalty in our midst." The man now known as Dan tipped his head towards Jon.

Jon winced and smiled graciously "I wouldn't go that far." When Dan went to take her money Jon put his bill down on top, "allow me."

She looked up, meeting his gaze. The startling blue of her eyes made him stare a little longer than he intended to. Shit, she was striking.

"Not necessary, but thank you." She smiled and he watched the realization hit. Ahh she knew who he was. She took a long draw from her glass before grinning again. "So tell me what a rock star is doing in the Ruptured Duck on a Sunday night?" her full lips curled into a smile. The bottom one looked way more supple that the top. Fuck.

"Just having a quiet drink. I was just telling Dan here I'm in town for a few months working on a movie." He sat back down and Dan, without being told, poured him another whiskey.

She lifted her brow. "Film star as well? Aren’t you just full of surprises."

Jon pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and swiftly lit it. "I do aim to please," he said, offering her the packet.

"Thanks but no thanks.” She held up her hand, “you can keep the cancer sticks to yourself." He blew a plume of blue smoke to the side. "You know my first name," he smirked, “it’s only fair.” She held herself with a confidence that was unsettling but intriguing at the same time.

"I tell you what; if you can guess it I'll buy you dinner, up for that?" Her lashes lowered as she brought the drink to her mouth, savoring the taste by licking her lips.

Jon chuckled "Ok, you're on." Dan rolled his eyes and turned around to serve some other customers. Jon leaned forward, close to her ear. "How about we take it one more. I guess within five tries and I get to take you home tonight." His cock twitched at the thought of those thighs wrapped around him. Would it be hard and hot? Or cool like here. Her body looked made for it, he'd bet his life under those sweats was a figure to kill for and the gleam in her eye suggested she was up for it.

"Ok, hot shot. You've got yourself a deal." She laughed taking another drink from her beer, before licking the foam left on her lips.

Jon groaned and shifted in his seat. The fire had been lit, he was taking her home one way or another tonight.


Colby shook her head. Who was this guy? Apart from being insanely attractive, of course. She wasn’t sure it was TV or a magazine where she'd last seen him, but it did not do him justice. And didn't he used to have longer hair?

His thick leather jacket, which was the genuine article, hung on his body over a tight white thermal molded to his flat belly and abs. Jesus. The blue jeans could have belonged to anyone, but the pointed boots were money, she’d bet a week’s worth of glass on that. The glint of a silver bracelet caught in the overhead light when he rubbed his chin with two fingers.

But it was the eyes that got her. Sweet Mercy, baby blue's that rivaled the deepest cobalt glass she had stored in her workshop. He was clean shaven, with prominent cheek bones and spiked honey brown hair that she itched to get a hold of. She deserved a break. Hell what was better than an out of Towner that was willingly to tale a sweaty tumble in the sheets for a few hours?

And so cocky, she loved it. She could match it word for word. "So, my maybe lover…What's your guess?" she asked swinging her body around to face him. The lights dimmed in the bar as they always did around eight, but the intensity of those eyes didn't.

He paused, scratched the underside of his chin with his index finger, “Tiffany."

Colby let a snort rip. "God no. One chance gone from getting lucky tonight." When Dan shook his head at her, she only smiled wider.

She watched Jon slowly drag from his cigarette again. "Isabella?" he asked.

"Noooo," she laughed. He'd never get it. Not in a hundred years. It was too bad, she'd already imagined tugging the leather jacket off and lifting up that tight thermal to see what was underneath. Furry or smooth? Hmm…

"Ok ok, three to go I can do this." He popped his knuckles and rubbed his hands together."Melissa?"

She shook her head, "Sorry cowboy." She leaned back and looked around the bar, it was pretty quiet tonight but Sunday's usually were. She had a crap load of work to do tomorrow so a quiet night was all good. Unless of course handsome here got lucky. Horizontal tango wasn’t out of the question here, the idea of him was appealing.

"Damn it," he brought thumb to his lips. "How about a hint?"

"I'm not sure that's in the rules." She flattened her palms on her thighs.

"Donna?" he asked before holding his hand up "No no, I withdraw that one" he rubbed his fingers across his lips. Her eyes dropped to his hands, again to his face. Good fuck, was he trying to kill her?

"Well while you contemplate I'm going to the ladies." She pointed at Dan. "And if you tell him, I'll kill you." Wandering off, she took care of business then washed up and straightened herself in the mirror. She blew back a cooper streak that was falling in her face before examining her face closer in the mirror. "God that heat is just drying you out isn't it?" she asked out loud looking at the llines that seemed deeper all of a sudden.

She went to pull out her bag but remembered she left it at the bar. "Damn,” she swiped at her face and dropped her hands in disgust. “Oh well, he's just going to have to get what he gets." She tucked her hair behind her ears before heading back into the bar. Dan had poured her a new beer.

"So, got anymore ideas then, Jon?" she asked.

"I'm thinking on it. So tell me at least what you do with yourself when you're not in bars, hitting on rock stars?" he asked, a sly smirk on his face.

She bit her lip. Had he just accused her of hitting on him? Right. He'll keep. "Well, if it's not rock stars I usually go for actors.” She leaned back and twirled a stray hair around her pinkie. But hey guess I'm lucky in your case since well…Two for the price of one?" she watched in amusement the creases at the corner of his eyes when he laughed. She curled her fingers her palm as her eyes rested on the opening of his shirt. She wanted to drag her nails down that, followed by her teeth."I'm a glass blower." Jon lifted his brow “I make glass jewelry and vases.” And naughty things. She was proud of her career and the best part was when she told people the obvious surprise in their faces. And this was no exception. His eyes widened.

"Wow, I did not expect that." He looked down at his glass before then back at her and snapped his fingers. "Colby...Colby Henderson, Liberty Glass."

Colby had to grab onto the side of the bar, the rush of surprise knocking her off balance. He knew her? "Uh, yeah." She shook her head, disbelief still rattling her. "You know me? My work?" He couldn't. Why would an American rock star know who she was?

He chuckled "Told you I'd guess. It just so happens I was looking around town yesterday and saw some of your work in a store. It just came to me." The knowing grin on his face had her suspicious. He’d seriously seen it?

Something wasn't quite right. "What shop?" she asked. There were only a few shops in the United Kingdom that stocked her work.

"God, I can't remember now. But it's you, right?"

"Son of a – yes it's me." Well shit. She didn't expect that at all. She wasn't sure if she was impressed or worried that she would have to carry out the bet.

"It's ok Colby, how about I buy you dinner then you can decide whether anything happens afterwards?" The delight in his eyes was almost insane. She could handle guys, hell she could wrangle them most of the time, but he was something else. Something beneath cobalt eyes was dark and mysterious. She couldn't pick if it was just arrogance or he was playing her. But one way or another she'd find out.



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