Chapter Fourteen

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

They arrived downtown, an empty bottle of champagne bottle and forty minutes later.

“Good job stud, that was good champagne.” She reached into her purse for her lipstick to quickly reapply before they came to a standstill. As she smacked her lips his dick hardened.

Would he ever be able to look at her and not relate to sex? He highly doubt it at this rate.


The door popped open behind him as Darryl the driver stood waiting. He stepped out onto the sidewalk as the cool night breeze whipped around him and held his hand out to her. They linked hands the click of heels followed them into the convention centre where the dinner was being held.

The usual mass of press was stationed in the lobby, cut throat to get that money shot.

“Just smile and keep walking… and as hard as it is for you…” he chuckled against her ear, “just don’t talk or answer any questions.” She nodded and followed him in. Bulbs popped and cameras whirred as they found the ballroom ignoring the catcalls of “who is she? Is this why your marriage broke up?”

“Jesus, nosy bastards aren’t they?” she muttered when the double doors swung behind them.

“You got it – scandal sells baby. And guess what? You’re my scandal.” He winked.
She laughed when his eyebrow arched. “Well it’s so boring being just the wife, or the girlfriend. But the slutty mistress, well now there’s something I could live up to.” She straightened the top of her dress and took a glass of wine off the waiter’s tray that swept past them.

Why he was even worried how she would handle the press, he'd never know. This was Colby. She'd eat them for breakfast given the opportunity.

“More wine? My champagne wasn’t good enough? That was French you know,” he teased as he led her across the room to where some of the executives were muddled around.

She ran her tongue across the bottom of her teeth. “There’s something else I like that’s French as well.”

He groaned and tightened his arm around hers, “ménage a trois?”

She snorted through her champagne and laughed, “You really want to go there with me Jersey?”

Christ, she wouldn’t? Oh fuck, yeah she would. Damn how did he keep walking right into those conversations with her, his rock hard cock wasn’t thanking him one bit.

“You are a very bad girl Colby Henderson.” He kissed the side of her temple and led her closer to the sea of men in their penguin suits.

She linked her fingers through his and smiled. “You wouldn’t like me if I was boring.”

This was so true, she just wouldn’t be Colby without it. She was like a rubix cube – so many different colors and combination's. And near impossible to solve.

Time to plaster that fake, oh so happy to see you smile on and get to work. He sighed and tightened his grip around her hand and forced a smile on his face.

“Ok, what the hell is that? You look like you’re at high school having your picture taken.”

He tucked his hand around her waist. “Oh believe me, you’ll perfect one of these and a fake laugh by the end of the night. You’ll need it.”

“I liked normal Jon better, business Jon looks scary,” she whispered as they got closer to the men at the end of the room.

“Yeah well, I like normal Jon better too. His face doesn't ache at the end of the night."

She stopped him before they reached the men and faced him.

“Your champagne was perfect, I think when we get home it’s time to share some of my work with you.” She winked and ran her tongue across her teeth.

“Empty promises, you already said I was getting a preview and here I am still waiting.” He folded his arms and stood there.

“Do you want me to tell these people what I make if they ask me?” she dared inching in closer to him.

He cupped the back of her neck and sipped from her gently. “Do that, and I’ll have very angry Jon come out when we get home.” He nipped at her bottom lip.

Her eyes sparkled as she laughed, “oh now angry Jon is my favorite.”
“He is?”

She nodded, “uh huh, because I know exactly how to lure angry Jon back to normal Jon.”

He scooped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, she laughed into the kiss he pressed against her mouth. “You do huh? And how exactly is that?” he asked curiously, searching the sparkle in her eyes.

She leaned over and placed her wine glass on a table, and sank back into his grasp. “You’re too easy Jon, when you’re angry all I need to do is…” her hand left his chest and she slowly dragged her palm down his belly but he quickly caught it in his own before she could go any further.

“You use sex as a weapon, and that is very dangerous because one day…” he laced his hand through hers and hovered close to her mouth. “One day Miss Henderson, karma will come back and bite you hard in the ass.” He brushed against her lips and pulled back.

“As long as it promises not to leave a mark there – I’m good with biting. She tugged his lip into his mouth and sucked hard on it.

Dear god, what was he doing with this woman? She was almost too much to handle. And that was a statement, he’d had his fair share of strong women in his life, but none. None compared to her.

He didn’t even have time to answer when Bob Lyons called him over, and the endless introductions with every person and their mother in the record company, and so it began.

An hour later he returned from the men’s room, straightening his cuffs. Again, he had no idea what he’d been worried about when it came to Colby and this side of his life. She was charming, witty and polite and she nailed it with all the business contacts he’d put her through. She was smarter than he gave her credit for, with each question on how they met and how long she’d been dating Jon – she’d managed to steer the conversation right off herself and onto them.

That really shouldn’t have surprised him considering that that’s exactly what she did to him. Often.

He laughed as he watched the woman dripping with ruby red beads worked the floor, without him. He’d had comments from various people that she was a delight, fresh and good for him. Not quite the feedback he expected for a “mistress” he’d brought to a party.

He lifted two fresh glasses of wine and weaved into the crowd to her.

Pressing his mouth on her ear, he grinned. “Are you sure you don’t want to switch jobs. I could use PR girl like you.”

She excused herself from the Beadley’s – another set of record executives Jon was looking to do business with and faced him. Her eyes dilated with alcohol as she smiled back at him.

“Oh my god, get me out of here,” she hissed.

Jon snorted and handed her the glass. “More alcohol makes them much more bearable. Trust me.”

She tipped back the glass and took a gulp. “I’m going to just this once Jersey.”

“You’re quite the socialite aren’t you?”

She snorted, “I just like people and they like me.”

He brushed his lips across her jaw. “You seem sure of yourself there?”

She raised her brow as she took the next sip of her wine. “Never hurts one, to be a little cocky Jon. You should know that.”

He blinked when she flicked his nose and grabbed for her fingers again, twisting his around hers.

“Stop flicking my nose little girl.” He leaned in closer, so their lips were just millimeters apart.

“Or what?” her eyes grew wide and bright.

“Just wait till we get home.” He released her fingers as more people drifted around them pulling them apart.

When Jon returned from his next cigarette break, he checked his watch. He’d had enough two hours ago. Thank god it was almost time to play, and then they could get the hell out of here. He moved towards the stage, he should have told Colby where he was going but she’d soon find out soon enough.


“Another one?” Colby looked over at Bob Scott, she smiled and shook her head.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk Robert.” She‘d been talking to Robert for the last twenty minutes and had thought Jon would of come and rescued her by now, but no. Robert was the dashing son of the record exec Jon talked about working for once he got back to New York. And he clearly had a little thing for Colby.

He nodded towards the exit and locked his deep brown eyes back onto her. “So how long have you been with Jon?” he asked curiously taking a sip from his beer. He coughed and straightened up his suit jacket.

“Well…” she wasn’t really Jon so to speak. “If you mean how long we’ve been playing around… a few weeks. Since he arrived over here.”

Robert’s brow raised, “oh – so nothing serious.”

Colby laughed, Jesus this guy was trying it on. He was nice enough, but he was one of those rich types that wanted anything that they looked at and liked. She could see it a mile away.

“No nothing serious Robert.” She took a sip from her wine and looked around, where the hell was he? She’d kick his ass for leaving her with this guy.

“Bob, Colby you can call me Bob,” he placed his hand on her arm briefly before pulling it back away when she didn’t reciprocate.

“So Jon tells me you’re a glass blower? That’s an interesting profession. Do you have your own public gallery?”

“No, I just have my brand, Liberty Glass. One day I hope that I do though, maybe here… maybe New York…” she caught sight of Jon finally who was setting up on stage with his acoustic guitar.

Well, well now it’s my turn to watch.

“New York huh? Well you know the right people are always out there just waiting to invest in the right opportunity.” He nodded towards Jon.

Ah, the mistress card.

She laughed, so typical of the type of people in this room. Assuming the only reason she was with Jon was for his power and money. She felt sorry for people like Bob.
She took a sip of her wine and smiled wryly. “So let me guess, I’m Julia Roberts and that’s Richard Gere?” For starters Jon was a hell of a lot better looking than Richard Gere.

“Well no – I’m”

“And if that is the arrangement what business is it of yours?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Well I’m just saying – if Jon doesn’t get you where you want to be – I can always—“
Her hand shook and tightened around her flute. She had a right mind to throw his pretentious champagne back into his face. But she swallowed and flicked her hair back out of her face.

“Well I am about half way; I’ve got one hundred and fifty blow jobs to go will I get my studio.” Her mouth twisted as she watched Robert choke of his beer.

“Oh, yeah its three hundred blow jobs and fifty fucks… added bonus for anal.”

Robert furiously tried to mop up the split beer around his shirt.

“Nice try Bob.” She said as she turned on her heel and made her way to the side of the stage where Jon was sitting on a stool tuning a shiny black acoustic guitar.

“Was Robert hitting on you?” Jon asked nodding in his direction.

She couldn’t tell him, she didn’t want him to worry about what people like him thought of her. She didn’t really care in the end. She was happy with who she was, and what was happening with her and Jon. Screw what anyone else thought.

“He’s harmless. I’m used to it.” She winked.

“Oh so now we’re cocky that every guy wants to hit on you in the room as well?”

She giggled, “Of course. I’m hot and quite the catch. No strings.”

“There’s a lot more to you than just that though you know,” he held her gaze before looking back to his guitar.

So he knew her now huh? She leaned against the side of the stage. “And that is?” she was curious. What did he really think of her?

“Jon we’re ready.” The sound stage guy jogged up onto the small make shift stage.

Colby nodded at him, “Go on then.” That was going to have to wait, but he’d planted a little seed now. Just what did he see in her?

“Thanks Brad,” he looked back down at her and grinned, “now go and prepare yourself for greatness.”

“We’ll see about that.” She walked slowly back into the crowd and found a seat at one of the tables up the front. She was looking forward to seeing him in his zone.

“This seat taken?” she looked up to a younger guy in a suit, wavy blond hair and beach blue eyes was standing there.

“Sure, no problems.” She smiled as he sat down, now he was a little delicious.

“I don’t think we’ve met – I’m Daniel. I’ve been working with Jon on some of his ideas for his next album. I’m a producer.”

“Nice to meet you Daniel, you can sit down if you get me a lemon and soda.” She held out her hand. “I’m Colby… I’m – a friend of Jon’s.”

He shook her hand and with his spare one called the waiter over. “A friend, that’s not what’s going around the room.”

She laughed, “Well people do love a good scandal,” her gaze fell back to Robert but moved back to Daniel who’d ordered her requested drink. She leaned back crossing her legs.

“So is it’s true then you’re a foxy mistress of a rock star then?” he teased tucking a strand of sun bleached hair behind his ear.

“What do you think?” she asked him with a smirk.

He leaned forward and clasped his hands together. “The jury is still out on that one, on one hand the sexy long black dress paints class,” she felt his eyes trail down her body. “And on the other hand, “I’m thinking that the small peek of red lace there means, not is all is how it seems.”

Oh this guy was good, he was a lot more genuine though. She’d read in his eyes. She straightened the top of her dress. “Surprises are best kept wrapped, Daniel.” She leaned back as the waiter placed down their drinks.

She chased her ice cubes with her straw before looking back up at him. “So how long have you known Jon?”

“Around three years, last time he was over on tour my wife and I did some touring around with him and –Dot.”

Ah Dot. She raised her eyebrow. “I see, and where is Mrs Daniel tonight?” she hadn’t noticed a wedding ring on his finger. But in all honesty she hadn’t bothered to look.

“Mrs Daniel, is at home with her new husband and baby.” Daniel said, with a hint of regret.

She sipped her drink, “Ohh I see –well in that case.” She looked over at the small dance floor which had a few couples scattered around it. She looked back at him. “Let’s dance shall we, I feel like dancing.

“Ah sure--?” Daniel stood as Colby took his hand and led him to the dance floor. She was getting bored, and Jon was about to play so she may as well have the best seat in the house for it. Right in front of him on the dance floor.


Chapter Thirteen

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

She rolled over as sunlight sliced across her body, twisted in cotton. Shielding her eyes from the light and groaned. Curious midnight blue eyes were propped up on his side by elbow.

“Can I help?” her eyes darted when his fingers started to trail up her abdomen.

“You can, very much.”

She yawned and stretched her arms above her head. “Seriously? Three times last night and you want more?” She wriggled up against the pillows and patted his belly. “You’re just a little horn dog aren’t you?”

Jon chuckled and rolled onto his back, bands of sunlight bounced off his skin.

“Pot Kettle black much?” he snorted and scratched his chest.

She let her hair scatter her shoulders and pulled her knees up to her chest. “I don’t hear you complaining Mr Bongiovi.” God she needed to work today, her toes twitched and her hands couldn’t keep still.

Glass. She needed her glass. Her eyes fell to his chest that had a likeness to glass, so smooth and crisp. And like glass, she could easily sculpt him.

“You’re working today?” she asked without answering his teasing jab.

He sat up and laughed. “You really want to get rid of me don’t you?”

“No it’s not that – I just need to work.”

He swept her hair back from her face. “Ok, ok I can get that. What are you doing tonight?”

She raised her eyebrow and smirked, “no other plans huh?” Something was niggling inside of her, was he becoming too dependent on her? For just a fling.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” He swung his legs off the bed and stood up. “But if you don’t want it – then I can just leave it.”

She cocked her eyebrow and laughed. “Oh really – you want to surprise me?” she leaned back and crossed her arms. “I’m listening.” He tugged on his jeans and buttoned his fly.

“Yup, but if you don’t want to…” he said nonchalantly as he found his shirt.

She swaddled herself in her sheet and stepped off the bed and plucked a clip off her dresser, bunching her hair up in a messy knot. “Maybe – tell me more. What does it involve?”

He shook his head as he did the buttons up to his shirt. “You know, not every guy would fall for this you know…”

“So what does that tell you Jersey?”

He laughed, “ohh pulling out the geographical nicknames now are we?”

She knew what he meant, she played too much. Most guys got bored with it, especially when they always wanted more. It was just who she was.

Pulling on his boots he grabbed his leather jacket and tucked it over his arm. “It tells me, I’m either an idiot – or” he pretended to fall deep into thought, so much she snorted. “Or –“ he came towards her and pulled her in close, cheek to cheek as his breath danced down the long line of her neck.

She’d let him have this one moment, one moment to think he was intimidating her.

He pressed his lips hard against her ear, “or that I like the sex too much.” She pulled back and watched his eyes sparkle. Flicking his nose she winked.

“Yeah, you’re not too bad at all.”

She went to stand back but his fingers dug into her elbows.

“Not what you said last night,” he let his fingers draw up her arms and around her neck. “And this morning,” punctuating the sentence with a kiss.

She pressed herself into him letting the sheet slip down between them, her hands found the tuffs at the nape of his neck. “You can’t stand not being the best, can you?” he didn’t, she imagined it was how he operated in his music world as well.

“Nope, because I know I’m the best.” His kiss was simple, his taste still of her and he smelled of spice and sex.

Her eyes flicked up back to his, “well we’ll see about that. I might need some convincing – now what…” she tapped his nose again, “is my surprise?”

“Not till you tell me I am the best.” He nipped at her lower lip, dragging her in closer.

“No, if you want to be the best, You gotta work for it baby…” Blue eyes locked down her own. He was fun, easy to rile up and she already knew him so well. “And…” she fingered at the opening of his shirt. “If you want more chances to find out – you’re going to have to tell me what the surprise is.”

“Oh don’t you even think about blackmailing me Colby Henderson. You won’t get very far doing that.”

She reached down and cupped him gently. “Who said I was blackmailing you specifically?”

He growled and his eyes narrowed. “You know I hate you, right?”

“You hate that you can’t leave me here, that’s what you hate. Am I right?” He was right, any other guy would have left by now. But his circumstances suited them both.

He didn’t answer, instead he kissed her hard, his lips crashing into hers and his arms constricted tightly around her. He sucked her breath from her lungs until she couldn’t breathe.


He pulled away from her, cursing himself that he was still here. She’d woken up obviously in some kind of mood, and now again. He was here – under her spell. Why? She was like a lucky dip sometimes, you just never knew what you were going to get.

Maybe that was the thing that drew him to her the most, his marriage and his life had become so predictable – same shit, different day – same damn argument. Colby was so different than Dot. God, you couldn’t even compare them. Apple and Oranges wasn’t even close.

He needed to be around people like her.

Time to get your balls back, she’s just a woman. Come on

“We’re going out tonight. I’ve been asked to attend a dinner for the record company I’m planning on making my solo record with, and I want you to be my date.”

She stepped back. “Date, date?”

He nodded, “Date, date.”

“Well, I have to say I’m intrigued to see what business Jon is like. Compared to horny frustrated Jon,” She pressed her finger against her lips, hiding the grin that was breaking.

“What makes you think we’re any—hey, I’m not horny and frustrated.”

“What ever you say.”

“Do you want to come or not?” That wasn’t the actual surprise. The actual surprise was that he was set to perform a set of acoustic songs for the execs. She would see him perform in his element. It was only fair, he’d watched her couple of times in hers. He wanted her to see him in his.

He’d been not planning to ask her along. The rumour mill was already working overtime with his separation and divorce looming, and turning up on the arm of someone completely new was going to draw attention not only to himself but to Colby.

“Alright, I don’t think I’m busy.”

He rolled his eyes, “well I wouldn’t want to put you out or anything your highness.”

She reached over and grabbed her robe, cinching it around her waist. “So this is a formal occasion then?”

“Sure, a nice sexy dress – All Colby like. And heels.” He grinned, he loved heels. Something about a woman’s legs that needed to be shown off, and Colby was no exception. She had killer legs.

He swallowed and raked his hand through his hair, “There will be press there, so there will probably be a few questions. But we can ignore those.”

“Ohh, so I can be the mystery lady, the mistress even?” she winked.

“Really? Doesn’t worry you? They can be pretty ruthless.” Of course it didn’t worry her, she was Colby. She never cared to what people thought of her.

“Nope,” she grabbed one of the towels off her pile of clean laundry. How she knew which was which in the state of the room was a mystery. Organised Chaos. That was her.

She stopped at the sliding door to the bathroom, and turned around. “So – if you’re picking me up make sure we have bubbles in the car for on the way.”

“Of course, I am here only to serve you obviously.” He bowed. Of course, what Colby wants, it Colby got. He laughed to himself as he left her there in her bedroom. No goodbye kiss, no sweet goodbye. Just give me the champagne.

“Ok, pick you up about 7 – see you then hussy.” He grabbed the rest of his things and headed out of her apartment. Careful to not trip over the deluge.

It felt like days later when he finally arrived at her door just before seven, with the driver waiting and a bucket of champagne resting on ice in the backseat just as her ladyship had requested. Flicking the end of his cigarette away he tapped his knuckles against the large glass door.

His attention turned to the lit staircase that flowed down into the reception area. One strappy black heel, followed by the other. Long creamy legs split through black satin as she came into full view. The dress was simple. Strapless and nearly reached the floor. With understated elegance she wore a long string of red glass beads and her hair was twisted up in a matching glass clasp.

She looked incredible.

She grinned as she unlocked the door. “Right on time, too.”

He stepped in and dragged her closer to him. All the small nerves he might have had taking her to such a public function. It just wasn’t his style to flash his personal life around. They’d vanished as he took in the intriguing beauty of this woman.

“You look incredible, Colby –“ he shook his head. “You continue to surprise me.” He tucked a loose strand back from her face and pressed his lips against hers.

She leaned back into his kiss and fluttered her eyelashes, “good – the day I stop doing that is the day we get boring.” She linked her arms through his and he helped her down the cobblestone steps to where the car was waiting.

“After you Ms Henderson,” he followed her in and hissed when red lace peeked from under the top of her dress.

“Strapless bra,” she winked.

He swallowed as the driver closed the door behind him and leaned down for the wine she requested. “Red? Like your bling, it’s cute.” He popped the cork and poured her a glass.

She took it and a long sip, “if it’s just cute, then I am disappointed.”

He poured himself a glass and laughed. “Oh it’s more than just cute Colby.” He jammed in the cork and dropped the wine back into the bucket. Clinking her glass he smiled, “but I am trying to behave around you. You know just this once.”

God knows his cock would thank him for that.

She tapped his glass with hers, “to behaving ourselves then.”

Jon took a sip and leaned back. Fuck she was gorgeous tonight. He should have thought this over a little better. This was going to be hell watching her try and be all demure, when he knew perfectly well what was under all that. Was not.

It was so going to be a long night.


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