Chapter Seventeen

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

Note: I know it's been forever since I updated this, a muse is a fickle thing, in all honestly I got lost on how to move the story from this point to where I wanted it to go :) Looks like sometime apart worked, so if you care to re-indulge in one of the characters I do adore. Please do :)

Colby twisted her beads around her fingers, “trust me Jon, you don’t love me. You love the idea of me.” Guys always did. They thought once they had her, they’d love this life with her. The nature of reality and experience told her that they got bored when she didn’t change and didn’t settle down the way they expected that she would.

He looked away from her, and she rolled her lip over her teeth. Damn, he had to go and get all sentimental on her didn’t he? She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, resting her chin on her shoulder. “Jon, I’m flattered but you know this wouldn’t work long term right?” She chuckled and buried her nose into the wool of his jacket. “I’d drive you crazy after awhile, you know that.”

He took another puff and blew the plume of smoke out. “You drive me crazy now Colby, fucking crazy I just want to-“ He stopped and took another swift pull of his cigarette.

She sighed as they both stood there, ok. Maybe deep down she liked Jon more than she cared to admit. She loved having him around, and she loved driving him crazy. He was too easy, but love? Colby wasn’t really sure if she was built for love, or if she could handle it.

“I had an incredibly naked woman in there Colby, perfect A grade tits and legs up to her waist, and I could think about was you.”

She jabbed him in the side, “I have good tits and good legs too you know.” She felt relief when he at least chuckled.

“Yes, yes you do. You do more than that, you make me laugh.”

She smiled and turned him around, as people passed them by on the street. “Well that’s a good thing right?”

He held her arms and met her eyes, “You make me laugh, you drive me crazy, you make me want to shake you sometimes. You also make me want to take you home and drive into you until you scream, Colby.”

Her lips kicked up, “well I’m not saying no to that, am I?”

He pressed his forehead against hers, “don’t you see. The more I try to not think about you, the more I do.”

Her heart quickened and she watched his eyes fall flat. She pressed her finger to his lips. “Jon, I don’t do love. I just don’t.”

“Don’t or won’t.”

The silence deafened her ears, god, why couldn’t she just break this and walk away from him? Like all the rest, cut him loose. Her fingers curled around his arms as he held her. The heat crept up her neck, making it impossible for her to think straight. “I don’t, Jon.”

“Ok, look. I’ve had too much to drink and my heads pounding, so maybe I should call it a night. I’ve had too many games from Dot and I’m not in the mood for anymore, even yours.”

Her heart dropped, and that was unexpected. “Ok, I’m sorry she’s been putting pressure on you Jon, maybe you should go.”

He pulled back and nodded, “I think its best.” He captured her lips with his in a slow, long kiss. She wondered, the sort of kiss when you say goodbye. She could do this, she could let him go if this is what was best for him. Despite the games and loving manipulating him, she hated to see him sad. His wife had obviously done a great job at that before her, and she didn’t ever want to be responsible for that sad look in his eyes, ever.

He stood back, “Goodnight Colby.” And he turned, leaving her standing there alone on the corner.

She watched him disappear around the corner, and panic rose in her throat. What the hell? She looked back over her shoulder, the direction she should be going home and didn’t move. She didn’t love him, there was no way in the world she could. She dug her hands into her pocket and waited for her body to make the first move home.

She felt sad. Would he call her? Fuck, how did she get to this point, worrying about whether he’d call her. She was used to knowing, that they’d call. The way she left them, not the other way around.

Dammit, she started to run after him and whipped around the corner smashing into a wall of wool and warmth. Two hands grabbed her, startling her to meet his eyes.

“You were coming back?”

He laughed, the sparkle returning to his eyes. “You were coming after me?”

She blushed, “no I was just going to make sure you were—you know ok.” She fingered the lapels of his collar.

“Uh huh, and what were you exactly going to do when you saw I was ok?” He raised his
brow and that smirk curled his lips.

“This,” she tugged him to her, and pressed her lips against his letting his heat take her. She felt right again, safe. She moaned when his tongue found her mouth, and she let him taste her. His hands shot up into her hair, turning her to angle himself deeper. Heat flooded to her toes as she rose higher to meet him, until she finally pulled back. “Wait,” she breathed as he moved his arms around her waist. She kissed his nose and smiled. “This is not a declaration,” she looked back down at his lips and kissed him again. “It’s a don’t go...I’ll miss you, and you know that’s hard for me to admit to you.”

His own smile beamed across his face, “that’s good enough for me.”

She knew she’d taken a step forward, and she’d shown him he did mean something more to her than just a play thing. She wasn’t sure what, but she was going to figure it
out. She wasn’t ready for any declarations of love or things she knew, she just couldn’t say.

“Are you sure? I know you said-“

He silenced her with a kiss, “I love you Colby.”

Her knees buckled, as she knew he was dead serious so she didn’t’ joke. Instead she smiled and kissed him back, “thank you – now you coming home with me or what?” She squealed when he scooped her up in his arms and started walking.

“Jon, what in the name are you doing?”

“Carrying my mistress home, if we’re lucky we might make the papers.” He carried her to a cab stand stand and soon she was unlocking them into her apartment. They giggled and shed clothes all the way up to the bedroom where he took her, over and over again.


The moonlight shone through her skylight as he padded back from the kitchen with a glass of water, there she slept as beautiful as a princess. Tonight had rankled him. Never had he expected to blurt out to her he loved her, what the hell was he thinking? He climbed back under the sheet and she instinctively moved in closer to him nuzzling into his shoulder.

He replayed the moment he’d turned around to go back after her and she was there. Was he really going to be willing to keep her in his life, knowing she may never feel the same way about him? But then she was there, walking back in his direction. She may not know it, but at least he’d worked out that was Colby’s way of saying she felt something.

He lost his fingers in her silky hair as she slept beside him, he really hadn't expected to get back here so quickly. Dot was a rollercoaster of hell before they finally broke up, yet Colby was so different to her. And so different to him, maybe that’s what he needed.

God, lately he didn’t really know what he needed. One minute he was content with her games, content that she always seemed to twist things around to her way, without him realizing until it was too late. Maybe that was part of the appeal, what if he figured her out? Would she become boring?

“Stop thinking so damn hard, I can hear you from here.” He looked down as she mumbled sleepily against his shoulder.

“Sorry baby,” he stroked her hair and kissed her temple.

“You’re not planning our wedding are you?” She asked, not opening her eyes. God, she was beautiful when she slept.

He laughed, “christ, no...” She would never be the marrying type, he already knew that. And you know what, he was ok with that.

“Good, besides I’ll be wearing red anyway.”

His brow lifted, “red huh?” He twirled a strand of hair around his finger, “And what would I be wearing?”

She lifted her head, propping herself up on her elbow. “Maybe you could be naked.”

Even in the darkness of the room, he saw her blue eyes shimmer, stirring his cock.
She trailed her finger up over the sheet to his belly, drawing lazy circles across his abdomen.

“That’s not fair if I’m naked and you’re not...” he watched her finger as she traced his pecs, and groaned when she skimmed over his nipple which hardened instantly at her touch.

“How long can you stand it?” She asked with a teasing smile, as she flicked the other one gently.

His cock strained against the sheet, “you don’t want to start that game with me, little girl.” The tip of her finger slipped over his chin and she skimmed along his bottom lip. She squealed with delight when he nipped and caught her finger, pushing himself over to roll her on her back. He laced his fingers with hers, and slid easily into her.

“That’s how long I can stand it,” he growled as he flooded her mouth. She tasted like sex and sin, and he couldn’t remember a time when he needed it more. He pushed the thoughts of what happened next, how to sustain any form of a relationship with a girl that lived in London as he swelled inside of her.

“Jon,” she hiccupped and threw her head back, exposing the sexy long line of her neck for his taking. Teeth scraped, and lips drank as he drove into her blind, wrapping his fingers tighter, rolling his hips deeper.

“Colby,” it still amazed him how much she tightened for him, taking it all. He broke the links and lifted her up, cupping her luscious ass. Her hair sprinkled around her shoulders, and her lips parted in surprise as he took the angle further, deeper.

Her breasts bounced as he kept the rhythm going her arms hooked up around his neck and she leaned back and let go, losing herself in the moment. Fuck him if it wasn’t enough to let himself go, drinking in the full length of her delicious body. He dipped down, tasting her breasts as she hitched and screamed her way through an orgasm. He held on, god knows how as he sucked and nipped her into the next one.
Finally, he spilled deep slamming them both down on the mattress. Breath and words were both optional as the moonlight crept back in, after the stars had finished bursting before his eyes.

“Is that a prelude to the amazing wedding sex I get if I come naked?”

She giggled into the pillow as he wrapped himself around her from behind and took in her scent, things had shifted, the tide had moved. He wasn’t sure exactly what, but maybe that was part of the allure of Colby, you just never knew what you were going to get.

As long as it was her, he could take it. For now.


Chapter Sixteen

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

He wrapped his coat around her shoulders, the cold blast of icy air hit them on the street. “Where are we going again?” Christ, this woman was on speed sometimes. All he wanted to do was to take her home and sink into her. Jon’s eyes widened when they pulled up outside what looked oddly like a gentleman’s club. Sophisticats. “Uh Colby what are we doing here?” he whispered, the pink glittering lights already blinding him.

“Scared huh? Don’t worry I’ll be there to hold your hand.” She smiled with a devilish grin, one that only she could envoke.

He groaned, “That’s what I’m afraid of.” She’d brought him to a strip club? He chuckled, christ only Colby would think of this. What woman in their right mind took their guy to a strip club? She was already talking to one of the bouncers when he got to the entrance. The big burly black guy nodded in Jon’s direction and unclipped the red velvet rope to the VIP entrance.

She grabbed her arm as they walked down the dim hallway where the pulse of the music already was chattering his teeth. “Did you need to draw attention to me already?"

She laughed. “Relax, we’re getting a private room, so no one can see you except the dancers. Discrete. They know how to be here so don’t worry and just relax. And besides didn’t you say you wanted to see me make out with another woman? Well here could be your chance if you’re a good boy tonight,” she tugged on his collar with a wink.

He swallowed “What? You were serious when you said that weren’t you?” Fuck, she was dead serious. Before he could ask anything more a strapping leggy brunette wearing a glittery bikini grinned and opened one of the doors to the left. A large leather chair was in the center, with a bottle of whiskey, and two glasses and a bucket of ice stationed on the small mahogany table beside it.

“Take a seat sir, get comfortable and we’ll send your girl in,” she smiled at Colby.

Jon eyed Colby carefully, she went from all over him to now thrusting him in the path of another woman, what the hell was up with that? Unless – mystery maybe but one thing was becoming clear about Colby. She distracted him when she needed to. He smirked, she totally freaked out with the possessiveness after the dancing.

Two could play at this game. He wasn’t stupid. Colby wanted casual, he got that but something told him this might be harder for her to take than she thought –watching him with another woman.

Jon followed into the dimly lit room, still fucking confused. “You sure you want to be here when this all happens?” he asked. Any other woman he knew of that he’d had sexual contact with wouldn’t be dead in a place like this.

But again she wasn’t just any other woman.

Colby laughed, “Relax, you should know by now Jon that nothing fazes me, now come on,” she pushed him backwards into the chair and straddled him, letting the skirt of her dress hike up her thighs. She reached up and pulled the pins from her hair, letting them ping one by one against the floor until her hair tumbled around her shoulders. Fuck, she was a hellcat. His dick hardened when she bucked forward before latching her lips against his.

“And seriously if you get offers, you can take them Jon… I don’t mind – really.” Her sapphire eyes gleamed in the light. Offers? He didn’t want any offers. He wanted her. He cupped her hips and ran his hands up her sides. "Colby, I’m not-." Before he could finish the lights fell dim and the music changed to a seductive beat. The door opened and a leggy busty blond wearing a halter dripping in red and silver sequins, with a matching thong, strutted right on in. Colby winked and poured Jon a whiskey, perching herself on the edge of the arm chair swinging her legs over the side. The stripper rounded the chair like an eagle circling its prey, bending and grooving to the music.

His cock was already hard as a hammer, not to mention he had one busty blond dancing half naked in front of him, and the other woman he was two minutes previously from fucking, dangling on the arm of the chair. Reason toyed with arousal, and lost as he sank back into his chair, his eyes drifting down the long lean line of the woman gyrating in front of him.

Perfect round tits, and an ass made for slapping.

Warm lips brushed over his ear, “Turned on yet?” Colby leaned over, and he jolted when her hand slid over his thigh and cupped his junk. He groaned as he watched the woman swerve in, missing his lips by millimeters and lent over towards Colby. White sparkled breasts danced in his face, the only thing pulling his gaze away from them was Colby.

The woman’s tongue traced the curve of Colby’s lips, those pretty pink lips that should be around his cock right about now. But instead he watched as they enjoyed a slow hot kiss. He reached for the whiskey and slammed it down his throat.

Holy fuck, -- his cock was aching and he didn’t know whether he wanted to join in or yank her away from the woman. He needed to be inside of her. He sucked in his breath and watched the kiss deepen, his knuckles turning white around the grip on the chair when Colby groaned. The two curvy bodies tangled, leaving him wondering if he was watching a lesbian porno flick. But no this was Colby, his Colby.

She finally pulled away and picked up her own glass of whiskey and took a long sip. She hadn’t done anything as crazy in a long time. The buzzing in her brain was overwhelming her, the adrenaline pumping in her veins. But the point of the exercise had been achieved. Jon was shifting uncomfortably in the leather chair. She slid herself into the gap beside him so they were both tucked into the chair and hooked one of her legs over him.

“Turned on yet?” She whispered nibbling on his earlobe pulling it into her mouth. She rubbed her palm down his flat belly closer to his crotch.

His head tilted backwards hitting the plush leather, his eyes closed as lips slid across his neck, he knew they weren’t Colby’s. They just didn’t feel like hers, not as soft. Not as soft? They’re just lips asshole. He hitched when a hand cupped him, causing his hips to thrust towards her. God I love you ….His eyes slammed open and caught hers. Thank fuck he hadn’t said it out loud.

“What’s wrong?” Colby asked concerned, the color in his face had drained and his eyes had grown wide like he’d just seen a ghost.

Jon pushed the other woman away gently “I’ve got to go,” he quickly said pulling away and standing from the seat. He had to get the fuck out of there, Away from them all.

Away from her.

“Jon? It’s ok? Don’t feel bad about this, god. You shouldn’t," Colby coaxed. Maybe it had been too soon for all this. Maybe he wasn’t ready for other woman like this.

“I’ve just got to go, I’ll call you,” he stuttered leaving the room.

Colby jumped up, she should have let him go but she couldn’t. That look in his eyes had her worried. It wasn’t like the confident Jon she’d come to know, something had rattled those baby blues. She clamored out behind him to the street and looked around when she couldn’t find him. “Jon?”

A lone figure had made it to the corner, she hitched up her skirt and with the sharp click of her heels she made it to where he was.

“Jon wait,” she grabbed his arm and twisted him around. He’d already lit a cigarette and drew it from his lips.

“What Colby?” he snapped. His tone had changed and his face had grown dark. Love? He loved her? Was he kidding? How could he love her he hardly knew her. She was the total opposite to him.

“What the hell is up your ass?” she equally his cool tone, “I’m sorry if that wasn’t your thing, I thought it was just a bit of fun.”

He took a long draw of his cigarette. “Do you know anything apart from fun?” he asked. He regretted the words coming out when they did. What the fuck was wrong with him? This woman was making him a freaking mess.

She arched a brow and cocked her arm on her hip. “What the fuck is that meant to mean?”

“Nothing, look I’m going home."

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a sigh. “What happened in there?” She wrapped her arms around herself as the breeze whipped around them.

Jon went to turn away, leaving her standing there. But he didn’t. He scuffed his shoe on the pavement and didn’t meet her eyes. “When we were in the middle of all this, I started thinking about how much…I love you. How can that even be possible? I hardly know you?”

He hardly knew her, how could he possibly love her?


Chapter Fifteen

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

As Jon took the stage, he propped himself up on the stool and adjusted the mic. He swung the black guitar over his knee and adjusted the strap. He could do this, he’d chosen a song to sing that show cased where he wanted to take the album he was planning on recording once he got home. Having already have penned a few songs, this seemed to show off the raw edgy emotion he was going to go with.

He looked up into the audience, the dance floor filled with people, but only one catching his eye. The flicks of gold against brown caught in the light as she swayed with the man, looking up grinning, laughing. Like only Colby could.

His fingers curled tighter around the frets as he watched her, spin her little web – and Daniel fall right into it. He half chuckled, but couldn’t pull his eyes away.

This is just a fling Jon. That’s all it ever was meant to be.

Then why in the holy hell was it, when he watched Daniels hand slide down her back and cup her ass – he wanted to leap off the stage and smack him one in the jaw. Fuck. He took a deep breath and forced himself to look away. It was just the connection, just the connection he missed – like he had with Dottie.

But this wasn’t about Dottie, was it?

It’s about the she-devil that’s come and turned your world upside down and all you can think about is her, as much as it pains you to admit that you fall for her spell every time.

It’s better to have that spell cast on him and not something else.
Dammit, just play the song asshole.

He stole her gaze, and she winked at him before turning her attention back to Daniel. Her hands linking around the back of his neck, and Jon felt his gut clench when her fingers teased the hair at his nape. That was his thing?

Wait? He had a thing now? Oh Christ.

The woman was a fucking conundrum. The end.

Fine, if she wanted to play this way. So could he.

He took a long slow strum, and the lights dimmed. It was show time.


She laughed and pressed her cheek against the side of Daniel’s head, resting her chin on his shoulder. As the lights dimmed across the room, her attention focused on the silhouette of the man she’d known for the past couple of weeks. He sat solo on a black stage stool with his guitar resting on his knee.

“Ah, this is a song that I’m planning on releasing on my upcoming solo album---“ he paused and Colby locked with his eyes. “Hope you enjoy it.”

He cleared his throat and his arm took one strong strum down the strings of the guitar.

A moody hollow drum beat took over the room, sexy – slow and mysterious.

The notes came from his fingers and the lyrics bled from his heart, her fingers loosened their grip from David, Daniel? She couldn’t remember his name. It didn’t matter anymore, what mattered was the man on the stage alone, spilling his guts out for all to hear. The pain wavered through his words, and she could feel the emotion, heavy on his soul.

This song was clearly written about something so close to his home and his heart. And she knew instantly that it was about his ex wife.

It amazed her to see him so lost in the song, steady and strong taking every note with precision, driving through the pain. He wasn’t that much different than her, in his zone. In that moment – nothing else mattered than that song.

She pulled back from the man she was dancing with, his voice had dropped into this low gravely delicious tone that was causing her skin to ripple.

It’s just me, it’s just me baby, it’s one more thing you should keep in your book of dreams.


“Shh,” she waved off Daniel as she stood, now alone in the middle of the dance floor – feeling the pull of her feet to move closer to him, drawing her in, inch by inch. He was lost, lost on a journey in his art that she was oh so familiar with.

Except she couldn’t captivate every single person in the room, like on the level he was. The strains of moaning electric guitar took over from him as he stood, in his moment… eyes locked closed, hand gripped around the mic stand living the words that he was singing.

She had an urge, for the first time. Not to play with him, but to comfort him. She wanted to take whatever he was pouring out on that stage and make it better, not forever. The showmanship he displayed was just indescribable and flawless.

She was speechless, Colby Henderson was speechless.

The slow desperate croon of his voice was shattering her inside, piece by piece.

It’s just the song – that’s all. God, it’s just the sad song. No need to get overwhelmed now.

“Here,” she looked up and Daniel was holding a fresh glass of wine.

Yeah just what she needed, she smiled and took it as he stood back with her and watched Jon.

“He’s pretty amazing huh?” Daniel said taking a sip from his beer glass.

She nodded, “I’ve never seen him play. I mean I knew he was good – from, well I know his band’s songs…but I just didn’t expect this.” She tried to force the wine down, tried to use it to block what was coming off the stage. It was too real, too raw.

God, this man had loved – he had really loved and been burnt ridiculously for it. He had the capacity to love. To love her—

No – he didn’t and could never love her. Her belly bottomed out as she jammed her glass into Daniel’s hand. “Excuse me, I’ve got to go.” She shifted through the crowds, where in the blue hell was the ladies room here?

She trudged her way through the crowd and swung the ladies door open so it crashed against the wall.

“Shit, Thank Christ,” relieved there was no one else on the other side. She found a stall and fumbled with the lock.

Safety. Away from it, away from the voice… that haunting… love hurt voice.

She popped the lid down, and sunk down on the top, burying her hands in her face.

Calm down, just calm down. Nothing’s wrong here, He doesn’t love you. He just thinks he does.

No one could love her – in that way. It just wasn’t possible. She was fun, she was exciting – she wasn’t there just to be loved.

But god, the emotion that man had astonished her. For someone so jaded on the outside at times, he could smash a knife through a heart with his voice. Then it hit her.

Acting, he was just acting – that was all. This wasn’t about her, at all. She stood up and straightened herself up. She was being utterly ridiculous. Jesus. He was singing a song, playing a part – based on his feelings from his marriage.

The way he looked at her from across the room would haunt her, but he had to be playing games. That’s what they did – they played games.

By the time she’d readjusted herself and walked back into the room, the applause was over and Jon wasn’t on the stage anymore. Good, devastating singing man – over.

Daniel was leaning against the bar and smiled her way so she headed over, and took a deep breath to relax.

“Hey, sorry – I thought I ate something that didn’t agree with me, but turns out I was ok,” she grinned patting her stomach.

“You missed the end of the show, brilliant song. Now I’m interested more about this new album.” He turned to face her. “But enough about that, let’s talk about you.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

He was attractive, hell he was more than attractive – but something deep inside her gut twisted in knots. She was no longer in the mood to tease and play, and when her gaze fell on the man walking across the room she couldn’t help but smile.

She wanted to play and tease, just not with Daniel. Daniel had been snagged by someone else that was started to talk business with him, so it left her and Jon seconds apart.

“Hey,” she moved into him, her fingers finding the lapels of his jacket and dragging him close to her.

“Hey, yourself,” their noses bumped as he linked his arms around her waist and held her. “Enjoy the show?” he asked, the small knowing smirk sitting right on his lips.

Her eyes narrowed and she smiled into the kiss as she leaned forward. “It wasn’t bad.”

His chuckle vibrated against her mouth as he returned the kiss, “is that so? Or you were too wrapped up in Daniel to notice it?”

She caught the hint of sarcasm as his voice fell flat. “Well, he’s a nice enough guy, kinda cute.” She raised her brow. She was pushing him, but hell come on. She lived these days for pushing this man’s buttons. She just didn’t realize it yet.

She slipped her hands under his coat and cupped his ass, “and he’s not got a bad ass.”

He groaned and kissed her again. “Maybe you should be going home with him then?” His grip tightened around her, normally she’d be turned on how possessive and arrogant he was being. She loved that Jon – her job was to make that Jon come out and play.

But this had started the alarm bells to ring inside her head.

“Maybe I will.”

His mouth smashed against hers, taking any breath she had left as he wrapped himself around her. Their tongues wrestled as she poured everything into that kiss, her confused emotions were being sucked out of her as the kiss grew rougher.

“I need you Colby.”

Just the song, it was just the song. It’s made him weak. Like an actor that played an emotional scene, that’s all it is.

She was so living in denialsville. He couldn’t be falling for her – he just couldn’t be. This wasn’t part of the deal. This didn’t happen. Ok, that wasn’t always true. Sure guys had fallen for her in the past – and she’d been able to discard them to the side and move on.

This one, she wasn’t so sure if she could do it.

“Jon,” she whispered as he pulled away and nuzzled against the side of her neck.

“Colby – I want you.”

She moaned when his thumb brushed against her nipple, causing it to pebble under the silk of her dress. She closed her eyes, and for one minute lost herself in the idea of him, her fingers raking up into his hair as he continued to tease parts of her body.

“I could take you right now, in front of all these suits, and I wouldn’t care Colby. I wouldn’t fucking care.” He growled low in her ear, this was bad – he wanted to mark her now, brand her like his own in front of the rest of the pack.

No, she couldn’t – he couldn’t go there.

It was just the damn song. She kept saying it in her head, over and over hoping she would believe it sooner or later.

“That would be good for business now, would it stud?”

“I’m done, let’s go home.” He looked back up, his eyes dead serious. “I want to take you home.”

She dusted his shoulders and took a step back, “well – I’m all for getting out of this place – but let’s go somewhere first – to spice up the mood.” She was resorting to this, but she had to get him around other woman, to distract his mind of her and onto them. Especially half naked women.

His eyebrow cocked, “I’ve already nailed you in a bar Colby – come on, we’ll go back to my hotel room, it’s got porn if that’s what you want.”

She choked on her laugh, “trust me on this… you’ll like it.” She curled her finger around his tie, “unless of course you are scared and can’t handle it.”

This time his eyes narrowed, “I can take anything you give me.”

She dragged him towards the coat check and smiled, “Famous last words rock star.”


Chapter Fourteen

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

They arrived downtown, an empty bottle of champagne bottle and forty minutes later.

“Good job stud, that was good champagne.” She reached into her purse for her lipstick to quickly reapply before they came to a standstill. As she smacked her lips his dick hardened.

Would he ever be able to look at her and not relate to sex? He highly doubt it at this rate.


The door popped open behind him as Darryl the driver stood waiting. He stepped out onto the sidewalk as the cool night breeze whipped around him and held his hand out to her. They linked hands the click of heels followed them into the convention centre where the dinner was being held.

The usual mass of press was stationed in the lobby, cut throat to get that money shot.

“Just smile and keep walking… and as hard as it is for you…” he chuckled against her ear, “just don’t talk or answer any questions.” She nodded and followed him in. Bulbs popped and cameras whirred as they found the ballroom ignoring the catcalls of “who is she? Is this why your marriage broke up?”

“Jesus, nosy bastards aren’t they?” she muttered when the double doors swung behind them.

“You got it – scandal sells baby. And guess what? You’re my scandal.” He winked.
She laughed when his eyebrow arched. “Well it’s so boring being just the wife, or the girlfriend. But the slutty mistress, well now there’s something I could live up to.” She straightened the top of her dress and took a glass of wine off the waiter’s tray that swept past them.

Why he was even worried how she would handle the press, he'd never know. This was Colby. She'd eat them for breakfast given the opportunity.

“More wine? My champagne wasn’t good enough? That was French you know,” he teased as he led her across the room to where some of the executives were muddled around.

She ran her tongue across the bottom of her teeth. “There’s something else I like that’s French as well.”

He groaned and tightened his arm around hers, “ménage a trois?”

She snorted through her champagne and laughed, “You really want to go there with me Jersey?”

Christ, she wouldn’t? Oh fuck, yeah she would. Damn how did he keep walking right into those conversations with her, his rock hard cock wasn’t thanking him one bit.

“You are a very bad girl Colby Henderson.” He kissed the side of her temple and led her closer to the sea of men in their penguin suits.

She linked her fingers through his and smiled. “You wouldn’t like me if I was boring.”

This was so true, she just wouldn’t be Colby without it. She was like a rubix cube – so many different colors and combination's. And near impossible to solve.

Time to plaster that fake, oh so happy to see you smile on and get to work. He sighed and tightened his grip around her hand and forced a smile on his face.

“Ok, what the hell is that? You look like you’re at high school having your picture taken.”

He tucked his hand around her waist. “Oh believe me, you’ll perfect one of these and a fake laugh by the end of the night. You’ll need it.”

“I liked normal Jon better, business Jon looks scary,” she whispered as they got closer to the men at the end of the room.

“Yeah well, I like normal Jon better too. His face doesn't ache at the end of the night."

She stopped him before they reached the men and faced him.

“Your champagne was perfect, I think when we get home it’s time to share some of my work with you.” She winked and ran her tongue across her teeth.

“Empty promises, you already said I was getting a preview and here I am still waiting.” He folded his arms and stood there.

“Do you want me to tell these people what I make if they ask me?” she dared inching in closer to him.

He cupped the back of her neck and sipped from her gently. “Do that, and I’ll have very angry Jon come out when we get home.” He nipped at her bottom lip.

Her eyes sparkled as she laughed, “oh now angry Jon is my favorite.”
“He is?”

She nodded, “uh huh, because I know exactly how to lure angry Jon back to normal Jon.”

He scooped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, she laughed into the kiss he pressed against her mouth. “You do huh? And how exactly is that?” he asked curiously, searching the sparkle in her eyes.

She leaned over and placed her wine glass on a table, and sank back into his grasp. “You’re too easy Jon, when you’re angry all I need to do is…” her hand left his chest and she slowly dragged her palm down his belly but he quickly caught it in his own before she could go any further.

“You use sex as a weapon, and that is very dangerous because one day…” he laced his hand through hers and hovered close to her mouth. “One day Miss Henderson, karma will come back and bite you hard in the ass.” He brushed against her lips and pulled back.

“As long as it promises not to leave a mark there – I’m good with biting. She tugged his lip into his mouth and sucked hard on it.

Dear god, what was he doing with this woman? She was almost too much to handle. And that was a statement, he’d had his fair share of strong women in his life, but none. None compared to her.

He didn’t even have time to answer when Bob Lyons called him over, and the endless introductions with every person and their mother in the record company, and so it began.

An hour later he returned from the men’s room, straightening his cuffs. Again, he had no idea what he’d been worried about when it came to Colby and this side of his life. She was charming, witty and polite and she nailed it with all the business contacts he’d put her through. She was smarter than he gave her credit for, with each question on how they met and how long she’d been dating Jon – she’d managed to steer the conversation right off herself and onto them.

That really shouldn’t have surprised him considering that that’s exactly what she did to him. Often.

He laughed as he watched the woman dripping with ruby red beads worked the floor, without him. He’d had comments from various people that she was a delight, fresh and good for him. Not quite the feedback he expected for a “mistress” he’d brought to a party.

He lifted two fresh glasses of wine and weaved into the crowd to her.

Pressing his mouth on her ear, he grinned. “Are you sure you don’t want to switch jobs. I could use PR girl like you.”

She excused herself from the Beadley’s – another set of record executives Jon was looking to do business with and faced him. Her eyes dilated with alcohol as she smiled back at him.

“Oh my god, get me out of here,” she hissed.

Jon snorted and handed her the glass. “More alcohol makes them much more bearable. Trust me.”

She tipped back the glass and took a gulp. “I’m going to just this once Jersey.”

“You’re quite the socialite aren’t you?”

She snorted, “I just like people and they like me.”

He brushed his lips across her jaw. “You seem sure of yourself there?”

She raised her brow as she took the next sip of her wine. “Never hurts one, to be a little cocky Jon. You should know that.”

He blinked when she flicked his nose and grabbed for her fingers again, twisting his around hers.

“Stop flicking my nose little girl.” He leaned in closer, so their lips were just millimeters apart.

“Or what?” her eyes grew wide and bright.

“Just wait till we get home.” He released her fingers as more people drifted around them pulling them apart.

When Jon returned from his next cigarette break, he checked his watch. He’d had enough two hours ago. Thank god it was almost time to play, and then they could get the hell out of here. He moved towards the stage, he should have told Colby where he was going but she’d soon find out soon enough.


“Another one?” Colby looked over at Bob Scott, she smiled and shook her head.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk Robert.” She‘d been talking to Robert for the last twenty minutes and had thought Jon would of come and rescued her by now, but no. Robert was the dashing son of the record exec Jon talked about working for once he got back to New York. And he clearly had a little thing for Colby.

He nodded towards the exit and locked his deep brown eyes back onto her. “So how long have you been with Jon?” he asked curiously taking a sip from his beer. He coughed and straightened up his suit jacket.

“Well…” she wasn’t really Jon so to speak. “If you mean how long we’ve been playing around… a few weeks. Since he arrived over here.”

Robert’s brow raised, “oh – so nothing serious.”

Colby laughed, Jesus this guy was trying it on. He was nice enough, but he was one of those rich types that wanted anything that they looked at and liked. She could see it a mile away.

“No nothing serious Robert.” She took a sip from her wine and looked around, where the hell was he? She’d kick his ass for leaving her with this guy.

“Bob, Colby you can call me Bob,” he placed his hand on her arm briefly before pulling it back away when she didn’t reciprocate.

“So Jon tells me you’re a glass blower? That’s an interesting profession. Do you have your own public gallery?”

“No, I just have my brand, Liberty Glass. One day I hope that I do though, maybe here… maybe New York…” she caught sight of Jon finally who was setting up on stage with his acoustic guitar.

Well, well now it’s my turn to watch.

“New York huh? Well you know the right people are always out there just waiting to invest in the right opportunity.” He nodded towards Jon.

Ah, the mistress card.

She laughed, so typical of the type of people in this room. Assuming the only reason she was with Jon was for his power and money. She felt sorry for people like Bob.
She took a sip of her wine and smiled wryly. “So let me guess, I’m Julia Roberts and that’s Richard Gere?” For starters Jon was a hell of a lot better looking than Richard Gere.

“Well no – I’m”

“And if that is the arrangement what business is it of yours?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Well I’m just saying – if Jon doesn’t get you where you want to be – I can always—“
Her hand shook and tightened around her flute. She had a right mind to throw his pretentious champagne back into his face. But she swallowed and flicked her hair back out of her face.

“Well I am about half way; I’ve got one hundred and fifty blow jobs to go will I get my studio.” Her mouth twisted as she watched Robert choke of his beer.

“Oh, yeah its three hundred blow jobs and fifty fucks… added bonus for anal.”

Robert furiously tried to mop up the split beer around his shirt.

“Nice try Bob.” She said as she turned on her heel and made her way to the side of the stage where Jon was sitting on a stool tuning a shiny black acoustic guitar.

“Was Robert hitting on you?” Jon asked nodding in his direction.

She couldn’t tell him, she didn’t want him to worry about what people like him thought of her. She didn’t really care in the end. She was happy with who she was, and what was happening with her and Jon. Screw what anyone else thought.

“He’s harmless. I’m used to it.” She winked.

“Oh so now we’re cocky that every guy wants to hit on you in the room as well?”

She giggled, “Of course. I’m hot and quite the catch. No strings.”

“There’s a lot more to you than just that though you know,” he held her gaze before looking back to his guitar.

So he knew her now huh? She leaned against the side of the stage. “And that is?” she was curious. What did he really think of her?

“Jon we’re ready.” The sound stage guy jogged up onto the small make shift stage.

Colby nodded at him, “Go on then.” That was going to have to wait, but he’d planted a little seed now. Just what did he see in her?

“Thanks Brad,” he looked back down at her and grinned, “now go and prepare yourself for greatness.”

“We’ll see about that.” She walked slowly back into the crowd and found a seat at one of the tables up the front. She was looking forward to seeing him in his zone.

“This seat taken?” she looked up to a younger guy in a suit, wavy blond hair and beach blue eyes was standing there.

“Sure, no problems.” She smiled as he sat down, now he was a little delicious.

“I don’t think we’ve met – I’m Daniel. I’ve been working with Jon on some of his ideas for his next album. I’m a producer.”

“Nice to meet you Daniel, you can sit down if you get me a lemon and soda.” She held out her hand. “I’m Colby… I’m – a friend of Jon’s.”

He shook her hand and with his spare one called the waiter over. “A friend, that’s not what’s going around the room.”

She laughed, “Well people do love a good scandal,” her gaze fell back to Robert but moved back to Daniel who’d ordered her requested drink. She leaned back crossing her legs.

“So is it’s true then you’re a foxy mistress of a rock star then?” he teased tucking a strand of sun bleached hair behind his ear.

“What do you think?” she asked him with a smirk.

He leaned forward and clasped his hands together. “The jury is still out on that one, on one hand the sexy long black dress paints class,” she felt his eyes trail down her body. “And on the other hand, “I’m thinking that the small peek of red lace there means, not is all is how it seems.”

Oh this guy was good, he was a lot more genuine though. She’d read in his eyes. She straightened the top of her dress. “Surprises are best kept wrapped, Daniel.” She leaned back as the waiter placed down their drinks.

She chased her ice cubes with her straw before looking back up at him. “So how long have you known Jon?”

“Around three years, last time he was over on tour my wife and I did some touring around with him and –Dot.”

Ah Dot. She raised her eyebrow. “I see, and where is Mrs Daniel tonight?” she hadn’t noticed a wedding ring on his finger. But in all honesty she hadn’t bothered to look.

“Mrs Daniel, is at home with her new husband and baby.” Daniel said, with a hint of regret.

She sipped her drink, “Ohh I see –well in that case.” She looked over at the small dance floor which had a few couples scattered around it. She looked back at him. “Let’s dance shall we, I feel like dancing.

“Ah sure--?” Daniel stood as Colby took his hand and led him to the dance floor. She was getting bored, and Jon was about to play so she may as well have the best seat in the house for it. Right in front of him on the dance floor.


Chapter Thirteen

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

She rolled over as sunlight sliced across her body, twisted in cotton. Shielding her eyes from the light and groaned. Curious midnight blue eyes were propped up on his side by elbow.

“Can I help?” her eyes darted when his fingers started to trail up her abdomen.

“You can, very much.”

She yawned and stretched her arms above her head. “Seriously? Three times last night and you want more?” She wriggled up against the pillows and patted his belly. “You’re just a little horn dog aren’t you?”

Jon chuckled and rolled onto his back, bands of sunlight bounced off his skin.

“Pot Kettle black much?” he snorted and scratched his chest.

She let her hair scatter her shoulders and pulled her knees up to her chest. “I don’t hear you complaining Mr Bongiovi.” God she needed to work today, her toes twitched and her hands couldn’t keep still.

Glass. She needed her glass. Her eyes fell to his chest that had a likeness to glass, so smooth and crisp. And like glass, she could easily sculpt him.

“You’re working today?” she asked without answering his teasing jab.

He sat up and laughed. “You really want to get rid of me don’t you?”

“No it’s not that – I just need to work.”

He swept her hair back from her face. “Ok, ok I can get that. What are you doing tonight?”

She raised her eyebrow and smirked, “no other plans huh?” Something was niggling inside of her, was he becoming too dependent on her? For just a fling.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” He swung his legs off the bed and stood up. “But if you don’t want it – then I can just leave it.”

She cocked her eyebrow and laughed. “Oh really – you want to surprise me?” she leaned back and crossed her arms. “I’m listening.” He tugged on his jeans and buttoned his fly.

“Yup, but if you don’t want to…” he said nonchalantly as he found his shirt.

She swaddled herself in her sheet and stepped off the bed and plucked a clip off her dresser, bunching her hair up in a messy knot. “Maybe – tell me more. What does it involve?”

He shook his head as he did the buttons up to his shirt. “You know, not every guy would fall for this you know…”

“So what does that tell you Jersey?”

He laughed, “ohh pulling out the geographical nicknames now are we?”

She knew what he meant, she played too much. Most guys got bored with it, especially when they always wanted more. It was just who she was.

Pulling on his boots he grabbed his leather jacket and tucked it over his arm. “It tells me, I’m either an idiot – or” he pretended to fall deep into thought, so much she snorted. “Or –“ he came towards her and pulled her in close, cheek to cheek as his breath danced down the long line of her neck.

She’d let him have this one moment, one moment to think he was intimidating her.

He pressed his lips hard against her ear, “or that I like the sex too much.” She pulled back and watched his eyes sparkle. Flicking his nose she winked.

“Yeah, you’re not too bad at all.”

She went to stand back but his fingers dug into her elbows.

“Not what you said last night,” he let his fingers draw up her arms and around her neck. “And this morning,” punctuating the sentence with a kiss.

She pressed herself into him letting the sheet slip down between them, her hands found the tuffs at the nape of his neck. “You can’t stand not being the best, can you?” he didn’t, she imagined it was how he operated in his music world as well.

“Nope, because I know I’m the best.” His kiss was simple, his taste still of her and he smelled of spice and sex.

Her eyes flicked up back to his, “well we’ll see about that. I might need some convincing – now what…” she tapped his nose again, “is my surprise?”

“Not till you tell me I am the best.” He nipped at her lower lip, dragging her in closer.

“No, if you want to be the best, You gotta work for it baby…” Blue eyes locked down her own. He was fun, easy to rile up and she already knew him so well. “And…” she fingered at the opening of his shirt. “If you want more chances to find out – you’re going to have to tell me what the surprise is.”

“Oh don’t you even think about blackmailing me Colby Henderson. You won’t get very far doing that.”

She reached down and cupped him gently. “Who said I was blackmailing you specifically?”

He growled and his eyes narrowed. “You know I hate you, right?”

“You hate that you can’t leave me here, that’s what you hate. Am I right?” He was right, any other guy would have left by now. But his circumstances suited them both.

He didn’t answer, instead he kissed her hard, his lips crashing into hers and his arms constricted tightly around her. He sucked her breath from her lungs until she couldn’t breathe.


He pulled away from her, cursing himself that he was still here. She’d woken up obviously in some kind of mood, and now again. He was here – under her spell. Why? She was like a lucky dip sometimes, you just never knew what you were going to get.

Maybe that was the thing that drew him to her the most, his marriage and his life had become so predictable – same shit, different day – same damn argument. Colby was so different than Dot. God, you couldn’t even compare them. Apple and Oranges wasn’t even close.

He needed to be around people like her.

Time to get your balls back, she’s just a woman. Come on

“We’re going out tonight. I’ve been asked to attend a dinner for the record company I’m planning on making my solo record with, and I want you to be my date.”

She stepped back. “Date, date?”

He nodded, “Date, date.”

“Well, I have to say I’m intrigued to see what business Jon is like. Compared to horny frustrated Jon,” She pressed her finger against her lips, hiding the grin that was breaking.

“What makes you think we’re any—hey, I’m not horny and frustrated.”

“What ever you say.”

“Do you want to come or not?” That wasn’t the actual surprise. The actual surprise was that he was set to perform a set of acoustic songs for the execs. She would see him perform in his element. It was only fair, he’d watched her couple of times in hers. He wanted her to see him in his.

He’d been not planning to ask her along. The rumour mill was already working overtime with his separation and divorce looming, and turning up on the arm of someone completely new was going to draw attention not only to himself but to Colby.

“Alright, I don’t think I’m busy.”

He rolled his eyes, “well I wouldn’t want to put you out or anything your highness.”

She reached over and grabbed her robe, cinching it around her waist. “So this is a formal occasion then?”

“Sure, a nice sexy dress – All Colby like. And heels.” He grinned, he loved heels. Something about a woman’s legs that needed to be shown off, and Colby was no exception. She had killer legs.

He swallowed and raked his hand through his hair, “There will be press there, so there will probably be a few questions. But we can ignore those.”

“Ohh, so I can be the mystery lady, the mistress even?” she winked.

“Really? Doesn’t worry you? They can be pretty ruthless.” Of course it didn’t worry her, she was Colby. She never cared to what people thought of her.

“Nope,” she grabbed one of the towels off her pile of clean laundry. How she knew which was which in the state of the room was a mystery. Organised Chaos. That was her.

She stopped at the sliding door to the bathroom, and turned around. “So – if you’re picking me up make sure we have bubbles in the car for on the way.”

“Of course, I am here only to serve you obviously.” He bowed. Of course, what Colby wants, it Colby got. He laughed to himself as he left her there in her bedroom. No goodbye kiss, no sweet goodbye. Just give me the champagne.

“Ok, pick you up about 7 – see you then hussy.” He grabbed the rest of his things and headed out of her apartment. Careful to not trip over the deluge.

It felt like days later when he finally arrived at her door just before seven, with the driver waiting and a bucket of champagne resting on ice in the backseat just as her ladyship had requested. Flicking the end of his cigarette away he tapped his knuckles against the large glass door.

His attention turned to the lit staircase that flowed down into the reception area. One strappy black heel, followed by the other. Long creamy legs split through black satin as she came into full view. The dress was simple. Strapless and nearly reached the floor. With understated elegance she wore a long string of red glass beads and her hair was twisted up in a matching glass clasp.

She looked incredible.

She grinned as she unlocked the door. “Right on time, too.”

He stepped in and dragged her closer to him. All the small nerves he might have had taking her to such a public function. It just wasn’t his style to flash his personal life around. They’d vanished as he took in the intriguing beauty of this woman.

“You look incredible, Colby –“ he shook his head. “You continue to surprise me.” He tucked a loose strand back from her face and pressed his lips against hers.

She leaned back into his kiss and fluttered her eyelashes, “good – the day I stop doing that is the day we get boring.” She linked her arms through his and he helped her down the cobblestone steps to where the car was waiting.

“After you Ms Henderson,” he followed her in and hissed when red lace peeked from under the top of her dress.

“Strapless bra,” she winked.

He swallowed as the driver closed the door behind him and leaned down for the wine she requested. “Red? Like your bling, it’s cute.” He popped the cork and poured her a glass.

She took it and a long sip, “if it’s just cute, then I am disappointed.”

He poured himself a glass and laughed. “Oh it’s more than just cute Colby.” He jammed in the cork and dropped the wine back into the bucket. Clinking her glass he smiled, “but I am trying to behave around you. You know just this once.”

God knows his cock would thank him for that.

She tapped his glass with hers, “to behaving ourselves then.”

Jon took a sip and leaned back. Fuck she was gorgeous tonight. He should have thought this over a little better. This was going to be hell watching her try and be all demure, when he knew perfectly well what was under all that. Was not.

It was so going to be a long night.


Chapter Twelve

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

She twisted around the sheet bumping her butt into his belly as she blinked again. She’d been awake for hours, they’d come home and naturally played twister beneath the sheets. His slow heavy breathing was of little comfort to her as the night’s events played over in her mind.

Why had she been so upset? He wasn’t he first person to question her, and he wouldn’t be the last. She shifted as she felt his arm snake around her waist as his hand splay across her belly, his fingers teasing against her belly jewel.

The warm tickle of breath pricked the hairs at the back of her neck. He was a fun guy, a little high strung but that was the fun part. Making him un-strung. Proof of tonight was he needed it. Obviously relations with his ex and his American life, tension was still running high.

She absently stroked across his knuckles with the pad of her thumb as she fell into

What if he was different than the rest?

No, he couldn’t be. Men were all the same and he was still so new to her. He shifted again, rolling into her as the sheet draped lower across her breasts.

She didn’t need a relationship and she certainly didn’t need one with a man who was still carrying obvious battle scars from his last one. Then she’d end up all the same as the rest of them. Unhappy five years down the track and stuck in a rut. She’d seen it all so many times.

She watched friends from college settle down straight after studying, have kids and ten years down the road been miserable as hell. And her parents, well they were never a Hallmark card for marriage that’s for sure.

“What are thinking about?” she hadn’t realized he’d woken up behind her.

She grinned, “nothing – just couldn’t sleep,” She patted his hand against her belly.

“Why aren’t you up working, isn’t that what you usually do?” he asked resting his chin in the dip of her shoulder.

“Yeah- I didn’t feel inspired tonight.”

“Or the company was too hard to leave?” he teased against her ear as he pulled back rolling her with him. She landed on her side and scooted around to face him as he pulled the sheet right up over their head.

“If that’s what you want to think,” she teased as they bumped noses, the moonlight shrouding through the white cotton of the sheet. He dipped down and caught her lips in a kiss until it popped when he broke apart.

She’d got everything she wanted, her career and her apartment and she’d done it all on her own terms. She didn’t have to answer to anyone. And she loved it. Some may call her selfish but she knew she had a good heart.

“You’re scaring me – you’re too quiet,” he teased.

She reached up and swept back his hair, “I’m fine. I told you – I’m just menstrual.” He chuckled and nipped her nose.


She couldn’t shake the feeling, she wasn’t even sure what the hell it was.

“So – what do you want to do tomorrow after work?” she asked him.

“I have no pre-nup with Dorothea.” He simply said. She snapped her head up to his,
just been able to see the black in his blue eyes through the moonlight.

She twisted a little more into his chest and let him sift his fingers through her hair, twisting it gently around his fingers. “So she’s taking you to the cleaners?”

He nodded, “we agreed of what we’d do when I left New York and my offer was very generous. But now…” he twirled the end of her hair absently. “Now, she wants a whole lot more. I think she’s got a new guy on the scene that’s after my money.” She felt him sink further into her, the weight of his words heavier than him.

“I’m sorry Jon that must be awful. What can you do?”

See, exactly why relationships are always trouble.

He snorted. “Pay my lawyer more money.”

“Could I take her?” she asked looking up resting her chin on his shoulder.

He laughed, “most probably, but I don’t think you’ve got a bad bone in your body Colby Henderson.”

It was her turn to laugh, “well it takes something really special to make me really angry.” Her breath caught in her throat momentarily as the restaurant scene flashed through her mind.

“Yoo hoo?” she blinked and looked back up into his shadow. Christ, she needed to seriously get a grip of herself.

“Sorry, I told you I was all out of sorts tonight.” She brushed it off so effortlessly, the last thing she needed was him to get a hold of her mashed thoughts.

He leaned forward and captured her lips in a long slow kiss, his breath warm and calm. She closed her eyes and let him roll her on top of him. She grinned into his mouth as the kiss turned from sweet to hot. Her hands smoothed up over his chest and up around his neck as she pulled her mouth away from his. She let her mouth roam down the thick cords of his neck, across the bump of his Adam’s apple feeling the moan below vibrate through her mouth.

He arched up as she continued down across his flat smooth pecs, letting one hand slip under him into the deep groove of his back. Her other hand slid further south as she let her short nails scrape across his belly letting her fingers come to rest in the deep grove of his pelvis.

She looked up with hooded lids, he’d propped himself up further against the pillows and through the darkness of the night she could feel those bright eyes burning on her every move. She felt his cock bump against her thigh as she slid lower. He bunched his hands into her hair as she kissed along the flat of his belly, down.

“God,” he groaned. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and brought it to her lips
letting her breath tickle the tip of the head.

“Colby—“He shifted under her in any attempt to get her lips near the prize.

She took him, taking long strong strokes. He growled thrashing back into the pillows, her hair fanning around his thighs as she felt him let go. From tip to base, she laved along the smooth skin. She cupped one of his balls, letting her thumb circle the delicate skin.

“Jesus,” his sucked in breath popped through the darkness.

Her other hand shifted lower down his back and dug her nails into ass, the slick sweat on his rough thighs smearing across her skin. His breathing was more desperate, and hitched as she tightened her grip around his sac.

“Colby, oh god –“ he patted down for her but she stayed tight, suctioned to his cock letting her tongue swirl along the tip before pressing it against her tongue taking him deeper.

Her own arousal twisted in her gut, she needed him as much as he needed to complete what she was doing. He may found it easy to get lost in her, but she was finding it was all too easy to become lost in him.

And that was starting to scare her.

He writhed and bucked as he came, his body becoming so light under hers as he drifted away from her, sinking back into the mattress.

He reached down, as she scooched higher he cupped her ass settling her above him as she pinned her knees on either side of his hips. The wildness in her eyes matched her hair as she rocked forward and then back, her ass bumping the head of his cock.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked as she leaned down and smashed her lips on his.

Punctuating each word with a kiss she teased him ruthlessly. “I’ve got an idea, or two – or three.”

“Come here,” he titled her chin and kissed her again letting his tongue taste each corner of her mouth. She pulled away when he deepened the kiss, frowning before he let his hands trace up her sides to cup her bare breasts. As he let his thumbs drift over her little peaks she arched up and back, the glint of her belly jewel catching in the moonlight.

He grinned. “Touch your breasts…”

She looked back down at him and arched a brow.

“Isn’t that your job?”

The lean silhouette of her naked body above his was testing his patience, but he had to do it. He wanted to explore her, all of her – this woman above him was an intrigue above the rest.

He snorted, “not right now – I want to see how you take care of you, Colby.”

Her grin was one of pure evil as she cupped her breasts and leaned back, rubbing her thumbs across her nipples. His cock, threatened to launch him up right off the bed.

“Oh good fuck,” when she groaned with a little hitch in her voice, he regretted it. Damn it – why the fuck would he do this to himself – especially with her.

Never play a player.

He reached up for her hands but she clutched her breasts tighter. She grinded herself against him, so much he could feel the moisture on her thighs. He growled and in one quick move, he’d pinned her on her back.

“Don’t like that game do you?” she raised her brow and watched her little pink tongue flick out across her bottom lip.


“Shut up-“he growled as he lifted her leg up on his shoulder and slid into her easily. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up onto the pillows, for a better angle.

“Oh Jesus –“Christ she was fucking tight. His balls were about blue as he moved slowly in and out of her, the slick sound of their bodies slapping against each other filling the room.

“Higher,” she bit down on her lip as he pulled her leg higher, feeling her foot hit the side of his cheek. His eyes crossed as he sank deeper into her, stretching her. The low groan from her throat, met his mouth as her eyelids fluttered.

He joined her when her hand scooped under them, cupping his balls as her thumb massaged one lightly.

“Oh shit –“their teeth clicked as the kiss became more urgent, the need to take her higher, and harder became more important.

“Jon – faster –“she panted, the wavy locks of her hair starting to slick around her face.

He complied, rocking his hips forward and clutching her hands from his neck and pinning them at each side of her shoulder as he moved. Her little magic hands worked their magic down below, he wasn’t going to let her take him over again without her.

“No –“he growled tightening his grip around her wrists.

He let one go and found her sweet heat with the pad of his thumb. He dipped in and rubbed her clit causing her to arch beneath him. “Yesss” his hissed as he brought her close. Her breasts right there, open for the taking – he took one clean into his mouth and sucked.

She screamed his name through the room as she shook under him, finally easing as he spilled deep inside her. Slumping to the side, the sweat beaded down his temples as hands found him – her fingers lost themselves in his hair as she kissed him again.
Finally she broke away and pressed her cheek against his chest. He wrapped her up, feeling the little sigh leave her chest. Her wild hair fell over his arms as he rolled her into him, nosing into his chest.

“I could of waited longer you know,” he quipped.

She attempted to laugh but he already could feel her body growing heavy against him.

He liked her a lot – she was fascinating, and enough to hold his interest in the short term in London. In the real world, he doubted they would be compatible at all – but didn’t matter. He’d found the perfect woman for his situation. No fuss, spontaneous so it broke the cycle of long days on the set – yep, things were pretty good right? Just the way they were.


Chapter Eleven

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoving past the waiter the click of her boots followed her out the door. She pressed her palms hard against the door only to find the little gold letters that gleamed “Pull”, staring back at her. “Dammit,” she yanked the door open letting it bang hard behind her as she sliced through the cold night air.

What the hell? Did he take his asshole pills before they came out tonight? What was his problem? She wrapped her arms around herself and began to walk, why he couldn’t just accept her for her? Why did there always have to be a reason to who she was.


She stopped midway blinking and sucked her breath in. Why did she even care?

It’d had never bothered her before what people thought, and she shouldn’t have to start now. He was just a guy. A guy she’d screwed a few times and had a bit of fun with. She smiled. A cute one at that.

God, what was she doing? She’d not only over reacted in front of him, she’d put her defense up without even knowing it.

“Shit.” She turned around to go back in but the wooden door crashed against the wall when he strode wide eyed out towards her.

“Colby! Jesus…” he cuffed her wrist with his fingers. “I’m sorry.”

She looked up in his eyes, her own reflection bouncing off the surrounding street lights. “It’s OK, Jon.”

He squeezed her wrist harder, “no it’s not I was out of line…”

She forced a smile, “no you weren’t I was. I over reacted… it’s no big deal at all.” She looped her arms around his waist and swung her hips into him. “I’m probably due for my period.” She laughed when his brow zinged. “I’m just cranky.” She leaned forward bumping her nose into his jaw, but he stiffened under her.

“What’s wrong?” She scraped her teeth slowly across the prominent jaw line but still he didn’t give in. She sighed and swept her hands up over the contours of his back to his neck linking them at his nape.

“You’re not going to do this to me again Colby. I want to talk to you.” He did relax this time slipping his hands under her coat lifting her into him.

She grinned and ran her tongue across his bottom lip. “Talk to me then, tell me what you want to do to me…” He groaned in her ear as she felt the swell against her belly.

He nipped her chin lightly. “I want to do a few things to you woman, but we need to talk. I didn’t mean to—“she crashed her lips too his tightening her grip at the back of his neck. Her nipples pricked through the material of her dress as she rubbed against his chest.

He growled as he deepened their kiss, hiking up red silk his thumb grazed against soft bare skin before he hooked it under her pants. “Stop it,” he said into the kiss.

“Make me stop,” she whispered back as he walked her slowly backwards as the people zigzagged around them on the sidewalk. She knew he couldn’t do it. She had him again, it was becoming too easy… like a game. She told herself it was just men and sex, as soon as it was brought to the table. All other bets were off.

“I want to… god I want to.” It was said with lack of determination. He was powerless and she knew it.

He walked her backwards into the alley, her back skidding across the cold rough brick. She hissed as he tugged her coat right off her shoulders and connected his mouth quickly to skin. His hand slid up her thigh as she arched her leg and twisted it around his hip. “Please,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry –“he said again as he nuzzled between her breasts nosing the silky material away before popping one taut nipple into his mouth. Her eyes crossed as she arched backwards, her other hand raking through his short hair, desperate to grab, tug anything.

God. She gasped as he sucked greedily on her, thoughts beginning to fade. It wasn’t loving it was angry. Anger that she’d seen in the restaurant when he’d come back from the call.

The pop echoed into the alleyway as he let it go and his eyes looked back up at hers through hooded lids. “Who was on the phone?”


He snapped his head up, his pulse beating in his ears as his erection strained within his pants. “No one...”

And there goes my erection.

He’d tried so desperately to forget the sound of Jersey slang scathing him down the phone minutes ago. He had another woman’s breast inches from his mouth and all he could think about was…

His fists curled as he slammed her back against the wall. “No one important,” he reiterated watching her little pink lips part. Sweet innocent lips that in seconds could do so much fucking damage.

He dipped down and took in her scent again, moments away from popping the other into his mouth. “It was her wasn’t it?” And then he stopped.

Well fuck, she was a fortune teller now?

“Don’t do this.” He muttered as he let his lips slide across the soft curve of her breast towards her nipple. He needed to forget, he needed alcohol, hell he needed her to stop talking and do other things. He sucked hard against her nipple until she tugged against his hair.

“What did she want Jon?” Fuck, would she just stop. What the hell was she doing to him?

“To be a bitch.” He muttered against her skin. Her fingers brushed under his chin tilting his gaze to meet hers. Her cheeks were high with flush and her blue eyes calm and dark. Calm like a still night on the beach of St Thomas, equally with that mysterious darkness the sea held at night.

Her hands cupped each side of his face as she drew him closer. “Let it all go,”

He frowned. What the hell? What was she? This woman confused the shit out of him at times. There was an undeniable connection between them but one that was so new to Jon, hell he wasn’t even sure what it was.

Was it love? No.

He liked her yes. But something, something every time he was with her dragged him under. Like a druggies next line of cocaine. She made him forget. He was supposed to be the one apologizing here, and somehow she’d managed to turn this whole thing around to him. Again.


“Colby, I don’t want to—“she pressed her fingers against his lips.

“Shh, its OK. Let it go. What did she do?” she pressed her lips against his letting him taste her flavor.

Why couldn’t more people be like this? Fuck, she seriously had no worries. No past relationships dragging around behind her. Nothing. He couldn’t still wrap his head around that possibility she was just free. He was an asshole to assume she had an issue.

Everyone had an issue right?

“You really want to know?” he asked her. What else could he say? She was a complete stranger. Fuck. He scratched the back of his head and went to step back, his was erection fading and fast. But she pulled him back to her.

“Don’t. Keep going. “She dragged him in by his buckle and un-looped the leather letting it slide to the floor.

“Colby-“but he ended up hissing her name into the night air as she cupped his dick stroking it slowly. He lost his footing for split second as his skin started to burn, burn with need for her. He was hard in seconds in her hot little hands.

“Tell me.”

“God, um…” he groaned as she swiveled her hand around and her thumb pressed against his balls.

“Jesus—“The rush of wind and angry toot of car horns slowly faded till all there was just her. Ex-wives and divorces were long from his mind as he captured her mouth in a long slow kiss while she continued slowly stroke him.

He mumbled into the heat of her mouth, hiking his fingers into her hair pushing it back from her face as he angled the kiss deeper. “No more talking, just kiss.” He closed his eyes when she closed hers and swallowed the little hitch in her breath. Tasting each corner of her mouth he took in her taste. Finally he broke apart pressing his forehead against hers.

“I don’t know how you do it.” He’d lost himself in her, again.

She just smiled as her eyes fell to his lips. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you – you want to go home now?”

All he could was nod. He was in a fucking alleyway in London. Was she the devil woman? He was half convinced. These kinds of women were Richie’s women. Not his. But that something… god that something made him surrender without question, she possessed.

“Your place?” he asked.

She nodded slowly and he cursed at the grin that spread across her face. She’d won and she damn well knew it.

She put him back together the little smile still playing on her lips.

“When we get somewhere private you know I am going to wipe that smile right off your face Colby Henderson.” It was a threat. A threat to have her screaming his name in seconds once they were behind closed doors.

“We’ll see.” She shifted her clothes, straightening herself and grabbing his hand. “Come on then, come show me what you’ve got.” He clasped his hand around hers and shook his head as they disappeared back into the night. What the hell was he ever going to do about her?

She was his cocaine. Just like the drug, possibly bad for him after excessive use, but in the moment gave him a buzz that made everything else seem less important. Too good to be true? He was never sure with her and if dinner was anything to go on, he’d never really know.

He wasn’t sure whether he ever wanted to find out.



>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Just to let you know I am heading away for a week on a holiday so won't be able to update until I get back, I am hoping that I will be able to do some writing where I am going ;) But just to let you know I hadn't forgotten or anything as I do value your readership and these two are just beginning ;)





Chapter Ten

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She looped her arm into his as they took in the cool night London air. Her boots pounded loudly against the sidewalk as they walked. Not that walking alone in the city at night really ever scared her but being with Jon did provide a little sense of security she wasn’t used to.

He fished out his cigarettes and offered her the pack. “Mind if I? And want one?”

She shook her head. “No thanks, you go ahead. I never understood the point of the habit myself.”

“Yeah, not my most proud habit… but I can’t seem to kick it,” he mumbled with the cigarette hanging until he flicked the lighter until the end glowed cherry red.

She shrugged, “Well if it helps it helps. I just thought being a singer it can’t be that great for your throat, right?”

He tucked the pack and lighter back in his pocket and extended his arm around her shoulder. “Ok, now you sound like my wife.” He blew out a blue plume of smoke and sighed.

She chuckled. “Well, people can do what they want. I’d never make someone do something they didn’t want to – was just curious.” She hadn’t wanted to go there in her head but now she was curious just what his wife was like. Had she been a nag?

Within the dark street his eyes gleamed in the amber light of the streetlamps.

“I know, ignore me. Do you miss your family being all the way over here?”

“A little, but I like the whole being out on my own. Do what I want – when I want it. The whole idea of having to make it and having nothing to fall back in gets me a little buzz. I can’t fail.” Her parents always wanted the best for Colby and her Dad fully supported her move to London to follow her career, her mother had mixed emotions about it. But on the whole they were happy she was successful.

“I get that. Must be nice to have nothing to worry about except yourself.” He flicked his ash out to the side before taking another long drag.

She tucked her arm around his waist as she turned them down a small alleyway at the end of the street. “Why can’t you just do that?”

He snorted, “Why can’t I just do that?” he pondered. “I can’t just do that…I have a band to worry about …my music…whether it’s relevant, how long we’ll be around, the last album didn’t do as well as it should of.” He took another deep drag as he blew the smoke out.

She watched as his whole face closed over, the crease in his forehead and the flattening of his eyes… all happened in just one sentence. It was almost as if someone had dumped a bag of sand on his shoulders.

She pulled her arm tighter around his. “Ok, so you do have a lot to worry about but at the end of the day when you’re alone and the world is shut off around you, who worries about you?” she asked.

He raised an eyebrow, “alright, I see your point… my wife used to obviously but now….” He trailed off.

“But now, I guess it’s just me…”

She nodded, it felt a little strange when he leaned into her. Did he always need someone to be there? Would he expect that to be her?

“Well, sounds like you’re doing a fine job at it.” She teased leading him into the small Japanese restaurant nestled up a small staircase.

“Hey now, not my fault we can’t always be as …” he trailed off as he met her eyes.

“As what?” she leaned in close, their lips just centimetres apart.

“Free…” the way he said it, wasn’t a revelation, it wasn’t a statement.

It was a longing.

She let her lips brush against his to taste him. His breath, still heavy with tobacco but the taste of his dark flavour still there. Her hands cupped his neck drawing him closer, and his hands scooped under her coat pressing them together.

There was something in him that was so different, so inviting… so intriguing. She wanted to know more about him, everything... which was odd as she never had cared enough before about anyone. She didn’t really understand it.

She moaned as her body folded into his before they were interrupted by the waiter politely coughing. Her lips dragged across his jaw as she pulled back. “Pity, I could have let that go a lot further.” She traced the tip of her finger across his bottom lip as she bit down on her own.

His eyes rested on her lips, as he signalled his hand to the waiter for two. “Oh really, how far?”

She lifted her toes and arched into him, “Far enough that you would have forgotten about all these people here…”

“I hate you, now come on woman I’m hungry you already owe me for being late and missing our first dinner... I haven’t decided how I am going to punish you yet…”

She chuckled and let her arms fall back and his hand linked in hers. “I’d like to see you try; you know you’d never be able to... I’d always win and you know it…” She laughed again when he didn’t reply and just shook his head. The waiter seated them to a private booth which she slid into, he pulled off his jacket and was about to sit down opposite her when his phone rang.

“Oh jeeze, sorry I won’t be a minute. I’ll need to take this.” Without a word he turned and strode quickly out of the restaurant.

Must be some music business. She started to flick through the wine menu and decided to order a bottle before he got back to the table. The waiter was just pouring the two glasses of Pinot Noir when he came back in rubbing the back of his neck.

“Hey, all done?”


He slid back into the booth and his eyes fell to the glass. “Did you order this?” he demanded. Christ that came out all wrong. It’s just wine, Jon.

“It’s wine, it’s a good one –“her coral pink lips wrapped around her glass as she drank.

“It’s not what I drink.” He jammed his phone further down into his pocket wishing it was a hole to hell. His wife, chose to ring now of all times to confirm the divorce settlement. Why the fuck couldn’t she wait till the lawyers worked it all out. Of course they argued what they wanted, he had no pre-nuptial agreement so if he wasn’t careful she could take him for everything he was worth.

“Well order what you want then, don’t let me stop you…” her blue eyes flicked away from his. Shit, he had no right to be a prick to her.

He waved his hand at her, “its fine, I’ll get that next one.” He’d already deemed it was a two if not three bottle of wine night from the minute he’d disconnected Dorothea’s call.

He picked his glass up and rolled it in his hand, the woman on the end of the call was so different to the woman who sat opposite him right now. Dot had the strength physically and verbally to pulverise him to the ground where Colby had the strength to control him.

And that scared him.

The woman was a mystery, so free and so casual there had to be a reason behind it all – a burnt relationship, something. People weren’t just an extreme of something for the sake of it. He should know, he freakin’ wrote songs about it.

“Who was on the phone?” she asked, her wavy dark hair was swept around her shoulders from the night breeze and her cheeks had a flush of pink from the chill.

“No one important,” they chose a selection of starters before he leaned back in his chair. “Let’s play a game.”

She crossed her legs under the table and flattened her palms on the table. “Keep talking, I’m interested…” she licked her lips slowly.

Not THAT kind of game, dammit.

He took a long sip of his wine. One way to find out more about her. Part of him wondered why the fuck he cared, he was going back to New York once filming ended and it would be the end of the relationship. And after Dot tonight… he’d make sure it was the end.

She nodded, “Alright… do go on…”

“I ask you a question and you can ask me one…”

“Ohh exciting… I have a better game…” His knees hit the table when the tip of her boot grazed against his leg.

“Yes, you probably do but I’m not ready to become a porn star just yet…” The waiter laid down the salmon and shrimp before making sure they were satisfied. He plucked a piece of salmon with his chopsticks before beginning.

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

She smirked and licked the tip of her finger as she finished her mouthful. “Yes.”

His brow winged. “You are so going to need to tell me more about that.”

“What is with you men and girl on girl action? It’s not that much of a big deal…”

It was too late, his mind had already gone there. Fuck.

“Tell me,” his finger traced around the rim of his glass. His whole keeping this in his control had just gone right out the window.

“Nothing to tell, it was college… I was drunk and dared, I never do dares in half measure. It was to make out with a girl…and well we did a bit more than that…”

He leaned forward not taking his eyes off her lips. “And…?” Fuck if he already didn’t have an erection.

“We went all the way – as far as women go. I don’t need to draw you a diagram I am sure you’ve seen enough porn in your lifetime to know.”

His eyes narrowed. “Well yes, but still… nothing like hearing about it. So, did you like it?”

She took a long drink before she stabbed a prawn with her chopstick. “Yeah, wasn’t bad." Her lips curled as she chewed.

Jon shifted in his seat. “Wasn’t bad? What the hell is that meant to mean?”

“Just that,” she grinned as she twisted her chopstick around the salmon.

“Tell me…” Fuck, his mind was already burning with the image of her going down on another girl.

"It was…different…I like men though." "Anyway, it’s my turn. Have you ever been with a man?”

Jon felt the wine burn through his nostrils as he snorted it out. “God, no!” he spluttered. “You think I look like that?”

“You don’t judge a book by its cover Jon…”

“Indeed you don’t.” Fuck. “No, no just girls for me…”

“Well you don’t know until you try, you know.” She said matter of factly.

“Oh no, I know… believe me. Alright, ever been in love?” There we go.

“Nope.” She took the bottle and refilled her own glass before she refilled his.

“What, never?” he asked surprised.

She shrugged. “Nope, never--you?”

He nodded, still surprised at her answer. “Yeah, I have. My wife of course… in the beginning. Are you sure you never have been? College boyfriends?”

“Sure, I had boyfriends but none I fell in love with. That’s not that hard to believe is it, Jon?”

“No of course not. I just…”

She laughed and shook her head. “You’re trying to figure out why I am like I am, aren’t you?”

His head snapped back up. “Well, no I just find it hard to believe someone like you hasn’t been in love.” God, he must sound like an idiot.

“Well believe it, hasn’t happened. I don’t know if it ever will. Maybe I'm just not meant to love someone? Who knows.”

Ok, so she didn’t get burned by anyone, but was she lying? But up to now, why would she? She was open with everything else in her life. In fact she’d been a lot more forthcoming to him than he was with her.

“You can’t fully believe that, can you?”

Why would someone even think that, someone as sweet and fun as she was.

“Jon,” she said softly in a voice she'd never used with him. “Why is it bothering you so much? Am I so abnormal to just be enjoying life and everything that I do?”

He sighed. “No, of course not. I just…” Christ how the fuck did he explain it without sounding like an asshole. What the hell difference was it even going to make to their relationship? She was a lot of fun and he was getting laid. End of story.

“Well, what is it Jon? Should I be a basket case? Need someone to save me? Is that it? Because I am comfortable with who I am and what I'm doing. Because I am happy. I have to have a reason that made me this way?” She stood up and gathered her coat and purse.


“Colby, please. That’s not what I meant." He rose with her and scratched his head. “God, sit down… let me explain.”

“I think you did a good job of it. If you seriously think of me that way – maybe we shouldn’t see each other anymore. I don’t know what you wanted me to say..." She pulled her coat on and tugged roughly at the tie around her waist. “That someone broke my heart, so I won’t commit to a relationship and I like just having fun."

She snatched her bag and slung it over her shoulder. “It’s you that has the issue. As soon as someone knows I won’t commit, they're out of there. Good to know you live up to the expectation.”

“Colby, please. I’m sorry.”

“Good bye Jon.” He caught the smell of mint as she walked straight past him out of the restuarant, and didn't look back once.


Chapter Nine

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

He glanced at his watch and then took a long drag of his beer. It was eight-forty and she was no where to be seen. Snapping his cell phone closed, he huffed. It was only the fifth time he’d tried to call her.

“Dammit Colby, where the hell are you?” Maybe she’d come to meet him and something had happened to her, Christ she could be lying in a ditch somewhere for all he knew. The brief thought had his stomach churning in knots.

“Another one sir?” the barman asked him distracting him from this thoughts swinging the bar towel over his shoulder.

Jon shook his head. “No, I’ll get going. She’s been held up or something…” Did she stand him up? Who the hell stood him up?

The shrill of his phone made him jump, he fumbled with his phone like it was a hot potato flipping it open.


A deep chuckle came from the other end of the line. “No, but you know I’m gonna ask who that is,”

Jon slumped back down on the bar. Dammit. “Rich, hey.”

“You sound disappointed, hot date?”

“Yeah something like that, just a girl I’ve been hanging out with.”

Richie coughed, “or sleeping with.”

Jon chuckled. “Shut up asshole, anyway what’s up?” He kept his eye on the door scanning people are they walked in. But no Colby.

“Just thought I’d give you a call, see how London’s treating you. So where did you meet her?”

“In a bar – “he grinned, “she’s a glass artist – blows glass.”

“Blows ass?” Richie snorted.

Jon shook his head. “No asshole, GLASS. Jesus Richie….” His friend always did have a one tracked mind.

“I was gonna say – that’s not usually your cup of tea…. So she’s hot then?”

“Yeah she is – she’s – different.” Yeah she was different for sure. Never like anyone else he’d met.

“Good for you buddy, you need something to do in-between filming. How’s all that going then?”

Jon fingered the rim of the beer bottle. “Good Rich, it’s pretty good. Hard fucking work.” He was exhausted already. Maybe it wasn’t the filming though, maybe it was the woman that seemed to be occupying his mind more than he would have liked. He probably should put a day’s distance between them.


He talked to Richie for a little longer still distracted and still waiting for Colby to come breezing through the doors in the way only she could. As if nothing else mattered. He admired than in her, in more ways than one.

“Jonny? You still there?”

“Yeah, shit sorry Rich – just a little distracted.”

“Oh she’s there now huh? You should have said man if you wanna go get busy them let me leave you to it.”

Jon laughed. He wished. She wasn’t even fucking here. “Nah, I’m in a restaurant and she’s not here. She’s over forty minutes late and I don’t know where she is.”

Richie roared with laughter. “Stood up are we?”

“Fuck you, nah she’s a little ---“ Fuck how did he even begin to explain her to someone. He dug his fingers into his biceps, “Flaky?” That wasn’t the right word at all but he didn’t know what else to use.

“Flaky? Really? That’s not like you Jonny to stick around if you’ve been messed around. What’s different about her?”

Jon sighed, “She’s not ditzy --- fuck she’s….she is free.” That was it. She was free. “She’s exceptionally talented and it’s being wasted in my opinion. She could be doing so much more to get her work out there.”

“Why isn’t she?” Richie asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t know a lot about her.” God he didn’t really did he? But did he really need to? She was a quick tumble in the sheets and some light company while he was here. That was it.

“Well sounds like a real firecracker bro, anyway – I’ll let you go find her. Things back here are fine. We’ll catch up soon ok?”

“Thanks Rich – yeah see you soon.”

He tucked the phone back into the pocket of his coat and pulling it tight around him. Fuck this, if she couldn’t be bothered letting him know where she was… screw it. He was going home.

The cool night air hit him hard as he strolled back towards the cab stand. Jamming his hands into his pockets he fished for his cigarettes. Fumbling one into his lips he flicked the lighter and took a deep inhale.

“Fuck.” He mumbled. He wanted to go home, damn it he should of but something kept niggling inside of him to go to her place.

It hadn’t helped him that all day on set all he could think about was her making glass adult toys, god that shouldn’t be so hot. He’d seen her work, and the concentration and detail she paid to her work – no matter how many times he’d tried not to. The vision of her in her cute little battered overalls, hair all up in a messy ponytail delicately shaping a glass cock with her tools or worse – smoothing it down with her hands afterward. Good fuck.

That was not right.

He was going home, she obviously had better things to do than meet him for dinner. When he reached the cab stand he threw away the butt and pulled out his wallet before climbing into the taxi.

“Where to sir?”

Jon gave him the name of his hotel and leaned back. He rolled his head along the back of the seat and closed his eyes.


“Actually, sorry I remember I need to call in on a friend….” He was a fool. He gave him Colby’s address and sighed. God forbid he needed help.


She’d just finished slicing a long cut into the sheet of glass she was working on. Inspiration always came at the weirdest times. She’d decided to get ready for dinner an hour earlier but as she was in the shower she had a thought she couldn’t shake, maybe it was the man she was spending so much time with in the last few days that inspired it. Blue twists of glass, different shades... she had to do it.

The idyllic sounds of Freddie Mercury blasted through her studio as she fired up the furnace. With a smile of her face she couldn’t help think about the way she planned to introduce Jon to her little side hobby. That would make him forget about whatever was ailing him in his real world. Men were always suckers for a good show.

Especially when it involved sex.

What seemed like minutes later she stood back and looked at her creation, smooth ropes of glass all different shades of blue twsiting up to a singular point.

“Not too shabby….” She said out loud grinning proudly. She dusted the equipment off and turned everything off, time to have a quick shower and head out to dinner. She flicked the lights onto the lobby only to be surprised at the shadowed figure standing at her front door.

“What the hell? Jon?” She asked as he knocked again. She unlocked the doors and smiled.

“I thought I was meeting you there? Come to give me the royal treatment huh?”

He stormed in past her and waited in the lobby. “You have no idea what the time is do you?” he snapped.

She grabbed his wrist and looked at the time. It was over an hour ago she was meant to meet him. Whoops.

“Oh shit, sorry Jon… I got sidetracked with an idea… I honestly didn’t realize the time.” He didn’t move. His eyes were flat as was his tone.

“Come look what I made-“she dragged him by the arm back into her studio and flipped on the lights.

He growled as she dragged him. “I tried to call – I had no idea what the hell happened to you Colby.”

“The stereo was probably on too loud…. C’mon check this little baby out – good huh?”

He stood behind her with his arms folded. She chuckled and picked up her sculpture.
“It’s for you – “ she said biting on her bottom lip holding it out to him..

His eyes feel to what she had in her hands as he dropped his arms. “Colby --- Aw hell you shouldn’t of.” He took it off her and held it up to the light.

“Not bad huh?”

“Christ Girl, this is gorgeous. Why did you make this?”

She smiled. “It reminds me of you, blue is your color kind of like your eyes. You’ve got great expression in them.”

He didn’t say anything still checking out her work.

“So you’re still angry?”

“No, damn it – this is beautiful Colby. Thank you.” He placed it down and drew her into his arms. She smiled as she leaned forward and met him in a sweet kiss.

“Your welcome, should we go and eat?” She brushed back the hair on his forehead and raised her eyebrow.

“I have no idea how you do it woman, no fucking idea…” he muttered tightening his grip around her waist.

“You’re still angry at me that I left you there – did you think I stood you up?” She bumped his nose with hers lifting her fingers into his hair as she drew him in for a longer kiss.

He groaned into her kiss and wrapped her further into his grasp, his hands spanning across her back tugging her in.

She pulled away and rubbed her finger across his lips. “When we get home from dinner how about I make it up to you by showing you what I make –“

His eyes popped open and his eyebrow zinged. “Show?” he asked hopefully.

She nodded still fingering his lip still enjoying his heat. “Uh huh – show…”

“Deal” they sealed in a kiss that she sighed into, he had no idea what he was in for.


Others Under the Influence

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