Chapter Four

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She curled her fingers around him and stroked, tugging at the delicate skin before dropping to her knees in front of him. He swallowed hard as every nerve in his body came alive when those delicious lips, that only hours ago were wrapped around a beer neck, were now around his cock.

"Jesus Colby." His palms threatened to slip, losing his grip on the wall. He closed his eyes and concentrated on her small but deliberate movements, as she licked him tip to base before dragging one of his balls into her mouth.

Her nails dug hard as she cupped his ass, pulling him closer--deeper. She rocked him forward and then back, mimicking the movements she'd want him to do later. His hands came to rest on her, his fingers curling around her shoulders as he tried to pull her up. He needed to be fucking inside her. Now.

"Colby... oh fuck!" Her tongue traced along the underside vein of his length causing his knees to buckle under him and any coherent thought to mush. Nothing mattered anymore, the bitching the fighting, who did this and who did that. All that mattered was the pretty pink, wet lips attached to the end of him-- washing away everything.

She kept the rhythm going as finally he relented and began to pump into her mouth as requested. His breathing was heaving and his arms were shaking against the wall as the tightness started to burn through his body.

His short nails scraped down the wall digging at the plaster as her low hum vibrated down his cock. She was being relentless and he was going to burst right inside her if he didn't stop it. His fingers threaded through her hair trying to edge her up but she remained glued to him, her fingertips clenching harder into his ass.

He blinked as the rush of blood raced from his head to his cock, along with all feeling from his body to resist. "Oh shit, I'm gonna...Colby..." The tight tingling sensation throbbed in his dick.

His body jerked forward and everything went black except the sound of his voice shouting through the darkness. She'd found that spot with the pad of her thumb on his balls and massaged it letting him fully spill deep inside her. She still didn't move, demanding every drop to be spilled. Molten heat burned through his soul as he came again inside her mouth slamming his palms against the wall.

Jon saw daylight finally as he regained some sense of consciousness leaning back without the wall to support him. His eyes met hers as she swirled her tongue around the tip before lifting herself back up to his level.

"Sweet fuck."

Colby hooked her arms around his neck and leaned in pressing a wet, salty kiss to his lips. "I'm so turned on right now, you need to come and do very bad things to me" her eyebrow cocked as she nipped at his nose.

All he could do was laugh, she was unbelievable. He hoisted her up in his arms her legs wrapping around his waist as he carried her over the trail of clothes and papers to what he assumed was her bedroom. He laid her down on the bed on the red crinkled cover. It was a simple room, with a few pieces of plain furniture and a chair that had was buried in a mountain of clothes. Her sketch pads fanned all around the floor.

They hit the pillows with oomph and Jon climbed over her. He tugged at her jeans pulling them off leaving a black scrap of lace that barely covered her.

"Well this has got to go, why do you woman wear these? What do they do?" He asked hooking his thumbs in the thin waistband and sliding them off her legs.

"Turns you on," she replied with a satisfied grin. His attention was drawn to a blue sparkle on her belly. His tongue buzzed; yeah he'd like to play with that.

"Cute," he said fingering it lightly, drawing lazy circles on her belly.

Her nipples strained against the fabric, burning for him to touch. Him getting off in her mouth had ignited the need for that cocky mouth to do it’s damage on her.

His lips chased his tongue across her belly flicking the jewel with his tongue as he went lower. She was wet for him, drops of her slick heat inched down her thighs. Using his thumbs he spread her thighs watching her eyes close waiting. Waiting for him. He paused and waited until she looked back up, twisting her lips together and arching her brow. He chuckled darkly.

"Beg me" he shifted his hands under her ass scooping her up to him to meet his mouth still keeping the distance there.

Her little girl pout was too much. "Bastard."

He traced her outer lips with the tip of his thumb till he found her tight little clit. Circling with his thumb, she lurched off the bed into him. Two fingers slid inside her, coating in her heat. Gently he pumped her, the slick sound of his movements in time with her sharp intake of breaths.

Slamming her eyes shut she grasped for the sheets at her side, fisting the cotton in her hands. Every slow deliberate movement was driving her crazy. He curled deep inside her reaching places that had long been forgotten by unskilled men burning her breath in her lungs. Her toes curled and she drifted away until the wet warm tingle of his tongue found her.

"Oh shit." The room was dark, heavy with sweat and anticipation, the only light glowing through the window from the streetlamps outside. The silhouette of him down there driving her crazy was just insane. She rested her leg over his shoulder encouraging him further, deeper.

Every bone in her body was tingling as she lifted her hips grinding herself against him. "Please," she begged. God she begged? But hell if this was only the opening act she wanted the whole show. All of it. She grasped his short cropped hair, urging him closer—for more--something.

One more fatal swipe of her tight knot with his thumb and she let go, careening off the bed into him. She viced hard around him, letting her body shake through the pleasure. Oh shit. The white hot heat in her body was both a relief and pleasure as she groaned. She slumped back down sticking to the sheets like a post it note. He withdrew his fingers, but it didn't stop there. Using the flat of his tongue he licked the full length of her from slit to clit.

"Oh fuck me," she bit down on her lip. Her body she was still tender and he pushed her again, harder. The little deliberate flicks of his tongue, teased her driving her to the edge faster than a firestorm. She wrestled for sheets, something to grab as she fisted the corner of her pillow. Locking both legs around his neck she tilted her hips towards him. Her body was the sacrifice and she needed him to complete the ritual.

The second release came quicker, with the aid of his thumb brushing her nipple he coaxed her back into the vortex. She lay like a wounded animal panting, gasping for breath as they aftershocks settled.

Jon climbed back over her body brushing the light layer of sweat against his skin. He fingered some fire red streaks plastered to her forehead and hovered over her mouth.

"Did I break you?" He whispered against his lips, his eyes holding her sated gaze.
Her mouth curled into a smile, wrapping her arms around his neck lifting her knee between his legs. He hit the bed hard in one quick move as she rolled him over onto his back. She straddled him, wiggling herself back til his cock hit the crack of her ass. "Never" she grinned lacing her fingers through his and pinning them both to the bed at the level of his eyes.

The mischief that danced in her eyes had his cock wanting to do bad things to her, again. Her hair fell forward tickling the tips of his nipples as she sucked down on his bottom lip grating over it with her teeth. He tried to wriggle under her grasp but she held him firmly there her fingers curling tighter around his hands.

He lifted his head reaching up brushing his lips across one of her nipples, she responded and came down further so he could take it fully in his mouth. Grinding above him, skin against skin she rocked while he sucked carelessly on her. "Fuck," she sighed keeping her hands firmly in his.

She let one hand go reaching over to the bedside table, pulling out a foiled packet and ripped the corner off with her teeth. Quickly she sheathed him before settling herself on top of him regaining her grip on his hands. Rocking forward she rolled her jaw as he filled her, stretching her. God it felt incredible.

Jon threw his head back dropping his jaw wide open, Jesus Christ. Since when did he fall victim to a woman driving this? She was so unlike other woman he'd known, no lack of confidence in the bedroom and knew exactly what she wanted. As he pulsed deep inside her his fingers curled around hers tighter.

"Fuck, Colby." She was taking him for everything that he had. Her perfect body bobbed up and down above him, rocking turned into slamming as she got wilder on him. Wavy hair falling around her shoulders her breasts right there, nipples hard. Still so hard it made him ache. Ache to drive her home, screaming his name.

She rolled her hips forward and closed her eyes, losing herself in the moment letting him hit her in the deepest places. Her walls tightened, her breath hitched riding him harder and faster. "Jon," it came off her lips like a benediction with white heat that burned though her veins. "Yes, god yes!" She let go, her body trembling above his through the release, her hands released his and raked through her hair as she came down from the high.

His hands clasped her hips steadying her, good fuck. He was on the edge already and when she leaned down to kiss him, he rolled her diagonally across the bed onto her back. Hooking one of her legs over his shoulder he thrust deeper, his teeth grinding at the unbelievable pressure of her clamping around him.

His hands pinned hers to the bed, just like she had. She chuckled tossing her head then growling as her body adjusted. She was tensing again, and he was determined to take her over again. His mouth scraped up her neck along her jaw line to her ear. Pressing his lips against her ear he whispered, "so fucking tight."

He grunted flexing his hips into her. His hands let hers go and scooped under her shoulders lifting her forward as his movements became fast. Her knuckles were turning white as she slapped his shoulders gripping hard.

"Jon, god, don't stop," she bit down on her lip and her eyes popped open and held his. The sweat from his temples splashed onto her cheeks. With one final push they both called out rocketing into orgasm.

He rolled off her and flopped down on the sheets, cool cotton against his back gasping for breath. "Fucking hell woman," his cock hadn't had a better workout in months.

She fought for breath "Not bad." She snorted at the look on his face. She pulled the sheet up over her body, tucking it under her arms and rolled onto her side to face him.

Sleep was heavy on his eyes, as he reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and tugged her in with his arm to his chest.

"Mmm not bad at all" he agreed contented. And satisfied.


Judith 2/10/2009 9:13 AM  

HOLY SHIT is it HOT here?!

Seems Jon doesn´t know what hit him yet LOL
I really like the dominant streak of Colby, hehe, she knows what she wants

can´t wait for more!

Anonymous 2/10/2009 10:33 AM  

Shit...HOT!!!! She sure knows what she wants and likes.

The Goddess Hathor 2/10/2009 12:49 PM  

I had to laugh at the "not bad" exchange. So what exactly would be "great"? They might just kill themselves. I liked Jon giving over control; you're right, he doesn't seem the type to do that often, and from what I understand from my guy friends, they do find it extremely sexy when a woman knows what they want. Way to go, Colby!

~ Hath

Anonymous 2/10/2009 6:48 PM  

WOW. I'm breathless. What a great chapter. Yeah, somebody needs to dominate Jonny and give him a taste of his own medicine. Loved it. Don't keep us waiting too long.

Anonymous 2/11/2009 1:43 PM  

Holy hell! She knows what she wants! I like a girl like that. That was smoking hot!

more please!

Anonymous 2/12/2009 9:02 PM  

Whew if I smoked I be lightin up right about now. Hot Damn that was good for me :)

SoulGirl 2/12/2009 9:24 PM  

Thanks guys -- I always appreciate you taking the time to read and comment, means the world to me ;)

hehehe - bit of a firecracker huh? ;)

TaraLeigh 2/18/2009 5:42 AM  

Well---firecracker doesn't quite cover it. Jaysus the woman is going to be the death of him--but hell, what a way to go!

And seriously--the neck thing?
Gah! I mean c'mon. Nothing can be hotter than the biting, nipping, heated exchange of a man and a woman. Throw in Jon during DA.
Well---who needs panties?

Mine are shredded.

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