Chapter Five

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jon rolled over and groaned cracking his eyes open, the darkness still heavy in the room except for the glow coming from the living area. He sat up and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand before scratching his chest. "Colby?" he asked. The flare of the red digital numbers read Four-Forty am. God and she was up? He stretched and grunted when he got no answer from her. Don't worry, I'll come out. Dragging himself off the bed, he padded into the living room using his arm to shield the light.

"Colby? What in God's name are you doing?" The light burned his eyeballs taking a few moments before the anything came into focus. She was standing there in dressed in jeans and black turtleneck that hugged tight around her hour glass figure. She looked up from where she was rummaging through her bag and smiled.

"You're awake! Good you can come with me." She pulled her wallet out and tucked it in her back pocket.

Jon frowned and shook his head. She wanted him to go where? "Come where? It's four-forty in the morning."

She crumpled up his jeans and threw them at him. "Down to the glass works factory. I collect their leftovers. The guys leave me any unusual or colored stuff out and I recycle it. We'll grab breakfast on the way." One of the other ways she saved costs to keep her apartment. Why pay for something if you could get it free?

He stepped into her jeans and, she was crazy. Who in their right mind voluntarily got up this early? Wasn't she tired from last night? He sure as hell was--and his cock ached. He fastened his buttons and tugged the zipper up. "Does it include coffee?"

"Sure does, sport, and the best pastries on this side of London. Now come on, we need to get there before six." She threw his shirt at him and tied up her hair. She’d worked out that Tuesday’s were the best days for leftovers after a tip off from a local at the Ruptured Duck. She bought most of her glass wholesale but every little bit helped.

He pulled his shirt on and hooked his buttons through up before reaching for his leather jacket and shrugging into it. "God I have to be on set in a few hours." Filming started at nine and he was going to be cranky. The last time he'd looked at the clock when Colby had finally fell asleep was two am. Thank fuck.

What was amazing was how she still looked like she'd had eight hours sleep. Bright, breezy, and ridiculously beautiful she waited at the stairs for him before jogging down them. His head felt like it was being squeezed in a vice. It was going to be a long day.

The morning sun was starting drip into the sky and the air was crisp against their skin as she linked her arm in his and walked down the road. The occasional runner or dedicated dog walker breezed past them as they fell into step quickly.

"You do this often?" he asked sliding his sunglasses shielding his eyes from intrusive daylight.

"Couple times a week, the guys tell me if anything else comes up. I don't get a lot, but the stuff I do is expensive to buy.” She flashed a smile. ”It's free so who can complain?" She tucked her hand in her pocket as they strolled into the morning.

"You hate me don't you?" She asked with a grin. She could tell he wasn’t a morning person, truth be told she wasn't officially. Loving the early mornings, she usually napped in the afternoon and worked most of the night. Creativity came at the weirdest times.

He chuckled and pressed a kiss to her temple. “I’m cranky on next to no sleep. I’m used to it over the years, but you sold me with pastries and coffee so I'll forgive you." His shoulders dropped as he relaxed easily around her. How could he not? There was no post-morning awkwardness between them.

As they walked past an alleyway, she tugged him in and pushed him against the cold brick. Clutching his leather lapels, she pressed a steamy kiss to his lips letting her tongue tease his upper lip before it slid into his mouth.

He groaned through the surprised, his hands curled around her waist as he returning the kiss. Not only did she smell like mint, she tasted like it this morning. "What was that for?" he asked against the soft skin of her cheek. God, it was not right that his cock awake already. Jesus Christ.

"Just because." She kissed his nose before hooking her fingers around the waist band of his jeans. Her eyes narrowed. "When you get off work tonight, you’re going to come around and I’m going to do bad things to you. Of course, only if you want to…“She mussed his dirty blond hair as prickle of his five o'clock shadow against her cheek.

If he wanted to? She was insatiable, and fuck if he was going to say no to that. "Sounds like something I can't refuse."
Jon was left mystified how this woman could steal the control back so quickly and before he had time to even realize or react. He dipped down and brushed his lips down the long line of her neck, scraping his teeth along her clavicle.

"We need to get you fed," she pushed him back, looking straight back at herself in the reflection of his sunglasses. She pulled away and grabbed his hand tugging him with her to walk back out onto the street. A few meters up the road she stopped at the bakery that had just swung the closed sign over to open.

"Excellent timing."

"Ah Miss Colby, so good to see you again," an older, heavy set woman in a baker's hat pottered up to the counter. The soft lines of her face deepened when she smiled and she raised her eyebrow as Jon followed in behind her.

"Zelda, hit me up, but make it double this time. I've got a hungry mouth to feed." She winked at Jon.

“No problem, good morning Mr. Jon.”

Jon smiled graciously. "Thanks, make it a large.” he reached for his wallet from his back pocket. She didn't seem too worried about who he was.

"Sure thing. So, Colby, where did you pick him up from?" She teased, pinching a couple of scrolls from the tray with her tongs.

"Just the bar. He's in town filming a movie for a few months, so I offered to show him around London a little," she said taking the two cups of coffee from Zelda's young assistant.

"Well Jon, you're in good hands. Colby will look after you."
Jon handed her a couple of pounds and chuckled. "Well, she's doing a great job so far." He took the paper bag with a murmur of thanks.

"Best pastry in all of London right there," Colby said to Jon as they walked out. "Bye Z, see you in a few days."

"Bye Miss Colby, stay out of trouble."

Jon smiled at her and followed Colby out the door. As she clicked the door closed behind them and pointed to the stained glass
design set in the window of the door. "You like?"

Jon stared at the swirl of colors in a star pattern against a deep set plain glass pane. "You did that? No shit?" Hell she was talented, and not just in the way she manipulated him in the bedroom.

"Incredible," he took a long sip. "And not just the coffee," he smirked and followed her to a small riverbank with park benches lined along the grassy banks. She plopped herself down on one and he followed suit.

He handed her the bag, she pulled her knees up to her chest and plucked a cheesy roll from the bag. Tearing off the corner, she popped it in her mouth. "God, nothing like fresh out of the oven baking,” she sighed gripping her cup and taking a sip, “and freshly brewed coffee."

"Amen to that.” He raised his cup towards her and looked out to the river. “And to pleasurable company. “He looked around, there were a handful of people scattered around the park, but no signs of the city bustle yet. "It's so quiet."

"Best time to be around, I love it! Second best place in the

"What's the first?" he asked her licking the excess coffee off his lid.

"New York-- where I moved from."

He lifted a brow. "Well look at that. I'm from Jersey, but I do love NYC and I can see why you're here. Reminds me a lot of the city." He jammed his fingers into his bicep.

"I kind of figured you were. The accent gives it away." She chewed on the fluffy pastry. She missed New York, but London had been kind to her, so far away from everything she ever knew. She’d worked hard for what she had.

Jon snorted, "That so? Well I kind of figured you were from somewhere around there, not the traditional NY accent though. How long you been over here?" He suddenly had the curiosity to ask all kinds of questions--what her story was and why she was alone--but this wasn't a relationship where those details were important.

"About five years, moved out here by myself just to do something different. I started glass art back home and got a few bites of interest. One from over here they contacted me on the web and I thought hell why not try and live over here for a bit. A bit, just turned into five years," she explained, picking at a piece of lint on her knee.

"Well, you certainly seem happy--happy is important, right?" Her hair was down today and swept over her shoulders, falling into loose ringlets. The light caught some of her fiery highlights, a mix of brown and reds. The glint of the maroon glass beaded necklace that hung around her neck had him wondering if she matched her belly ring with it. The one he'd had access to, just hours ago.

"Happiness is everything Jon. Remember that, no matter what," her voice had dropped and her eyes went flat for a second.

He just nodded. "I haven't been happy in a long time," he said it out loud looking ahead. He didn't expect her to do anything with it but it felt good to admit it to someone outside his close circle.

Colby didn't say anything, and she didn't have to. She saw the pain in his face, the worry lines deepen around his eyes. He wasn't the type that wanted a deep and meaningful so she didn't offer one. Instead she slid out her foot and rubbed the tip of her boot over his lap.

He jolted forward almost spilling his coffee. "Shit," he chuckled. "What are you trying to do to me?" Yep. Two seconds flat, erection. Fuck.

"Come on!" She jumped up and grabbing his hand, she dragged him down the bank. Pushing him up against the bark of a large oak tree, she went for the buckle of his jeans. In one quick whip she'd unlooped his belt and tugged his jeans halfway down his legs.

Fuck me. He dropped his coffee letting it tumble down the bank into the river and grabbed her. "Colby not here! Someone might see me and I can't risk-," he let a low groan escape his throat when she again had him in her hot little hands.

He reached for her jeans and popped her buttons, but stopped. "Ah, I don't have-"

"Birth control," she said, cupping his cheeks, diving right in.
With a blistering kiss, he wedged her against the tree. The taste of coffee and cigarettes rolled around her tongue with his dark flavor. Jon scooped her up, his fingers dug into her ass as he swiftly entered her. She gasped and wound her arms around his neck, oh god.

"God yes, harder…come on!" She gritted her teeth as he hit her deep and true. He thrusted-- slamming her into the tree. He didn't care. She'd broken him past caring. He was fucking crazy, fucking her against a tree.

Teeth and lips scraped over his Adam's apple, urging him to roll his hips harder and faster. The need to become one and blow her mind blasted out any other common sense he may have had left. His cock throbbed as her walls tightened around him. He groaned when her breasts pressed against his chest, her nipples achingly hard.

She gripped the back of his neck tighter, letting his hair fan through her fingers. Her back burned against the bark, but the pleasure rocketing through her body blurred it.

Her nails pinched his skin as he lost all self control. She was going to kill him, either that or they would end up killing each other.

"Yes, god yes..." She threw her head back and let go. Quick and fast the orgasm hit her like a sucker punch.

Her pulsing around him snapped the final thread of control as he arched forward spilling deep. "Fuck," he muttered still slumping against a tree. His heart was drumming loudly in his chest as he quickly pulled up his jeans and then hers, looking around to see thankfully not a soul in sight. Well fuck me.

"You're going to kill me, you know that?" he pressed his forehead against hers fighting for his breath.

She re-zipped herself up before placing her palms against his chest "You're too strong for that, but I can have fun trying," she winked. "Come on, I need to hurry." She pulled away and dragged him down the road to where the purpose of the early morning romp was. The Glassworks factory.

He could hardly blink and she was dragging him somewhere else. Holy shit, how the fuck would he make it through the shoot today? One thing was sure, if they filmed any of the slated sex scenes he doubted he'd have an issue getting an embarrassing erection in the middle of it. His tank was running on empty right about now.

He caught up to her as they walked through large wrought iron gates to an industrial building towering with two stone chimneys pumping out grey plumes of smoke into the air. Colby led him to the back of the building where the waste was. "Ahh," she carefully picked up a bunch of small paper sized sheets of glass from behind the garbage crate.

"See?" she asked stacking them close to her body.

"You need hand?" He asked her

"Yeah there is more down there, grab me the green ones and the clear chunky stuff," she instructed as he bent down to scoop a few sheets in his arms.

She hugged the glass to her chest. "I’m done, let’s go."


Anonymous 2/17/2009 7:08 PM  

How'd they were even able to think or anything after that moring "treat".

The Goddess Hathor 2/17/2009 7:29 PM  

Finally! I saw this pop in my Google Reader, but I clicked on it and it was gone! TEASE! lol

I agree, after that romp in the park, how in the hell can they concentrate on anything else? I had to chuckle at the "embarrassing erection" remark.

~ Hath

Judith 2/18/2009 3:12 AM  

hehehe, awesome Tresca!
Colby will sure have some fun in trying to kill Jon, first of all how could she drag him out of bed without a proper morning wake up call? LOL
Well the make up for it against a tree was HOT! But in London the paparazzis are everywhere, hopefully noone has seen them.
Colby has some energy, when even Jon is getting exhausted LOL

Kris 2/18/2009 4:53 AM  

I just love her...but I wonder what secrets she hides...more, please!! ;-)

TaraLeigh 2/18/2009 5:57 AM  

Well at least she gave him some fuel this time before she drained him of all coherent thought. LOL

Man these two are something else. HOT and wild with a hint of vulnerability in each of them. Great stuff!

Anonymous 3/01/2009 10:44 PM  

Great chapter!!
I want...nooooooo i need more PLEASE!!!

SoulGirl 3/01/2009 11:58 PM  

Thanks guys *muah* as always sorry it's been a bit of a drought - one should be up tmrw. :)

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