Chapter Eleven

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

Shoving past the waiter the click of her boots followed her out the door. She pressed her palms hard against the door only to find the little gold letters that gleamed “Pull”, staring back at her. “Dammit,” she yanked the door open letting it bang hard behind her as she sliced through the cold night air.

What the hell? Did he take his asshole pills before they came out tonight? What was his problem? She wrapped her arms around herself and began to walk, why he couldn’t just accept her for her? Why did there always have to be a reason to who she was.


She stopped midway blinking and sucked her breath in. Why did she even care?

It’d had never bothered her before what people thought, and she shouldn’t have to start now. He was just a guy. A guy she’d screwed a few times and had a bit of fun with. She smiled. A cute one at that.

God, what was she doing? She’d not only over reacted in front of him, she’d put her defense up without even knowing it.

“Shit.” She turned around to go back in but the wooden door crashed against the wall when he strode wide eyed out towards her.

“Colby! Jesus…” he cuffed her wrist with his fingers. “I’m sorry.”

She looked up in his eyes, her own reflection bouncing off the surrounding street lights. “It’s OK, Jon.”

He squeezed her wrist harder, “no it’s not I was out of line…”

She forced a smile, “no you weren’t I was. I over reacted… it’s no big deal at all.” She looped her arms around his waist and swung her hips into him. “I’m probably due for my period.” She laughed when his brow zinged. “I’m just cranky.” She leaned forward bumping her nose into his jaw, but he stiffened under her.

“What’s wrong?” She scraped her teeth slowly across the prominent jaw line but still he didn’t give in. She sighed and swept her hands up over the contours of his back to his neck linking them at his nape.

“You’re not going to do this to me again Colby. I want to talk to you.” He did relax this time slipping his hands under her coat lifting her into him.

She grinned and ran her tongue across his bottom lip. “Talk to me then, tell me what you want to do to me…” He groaned in her ear as she felt the swell against her belly.

He nipped her chin lightly. “I want to do a few things to you woman, but we need to talk. I didn’t mean to—“she crashed her lips too his tightening her grip at the back of his neck. Her nipples pricked through the material of her dress as she rubbed against his chest.

He growled as he deepened their kiss, hiking up red silk his thumb grazed against soft bare skin before he hooked it under her pants. “Stop it,” he said into the kiss.

“Make me stop,” she whispered back as he walked her slowly backwards as the people zigzagged around them on the sidewalk. She knew he couldn’t do it. She had him again, it was becoming too easy… like a game. She told herself it was just men and sex, as soon as it was brought to the table. All other bets were off.

“I want to… god I want to.” It was said with lack of determination. He was powerless and she knew it.

He walked her backwards into the alley, her back skidding across the cold rough brick. She hissed as he tugged her coat right off her shoulders and connected his mouth quickly to skin. His hand slid up her thigh as she arched her leg and twisted it around his hip. “Please,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry –“he said again as he nuzzled between her breasts nosing the silky material away before popping one taut nipple into his mouth. Her eyes crossed as she arched backwards, her other hand raking through his short hair, desperate to grab, tug anything.

God. She gasped as he sucked greedily on her, thoughts beginning to fade. It wasn’t loving it was angry. Anger that she’d seen in the restaurant when he’d come back from the call.

The pop echoed into the alleyway as he let it go and his eyes looked back up at hers through hooded lids. “Who was on the phone?”


He snapped his head up, his pulse beating in his ears as his erection strained within his pants. “No one...”

And there goes my erection.

He’d tried so desperately to forget the sound of Jersey slang scathing him down the phone minutes ago. He had another woman’s breast inches from his mouth and all he could think about was…

His fists curled as he slammed her back against the wall. “No one important,” he reiterated watching her little pink lips part. Sweet innocent lips that in seconds could do so much fucking damage.

He dipped down and took in her scent again, moments away from popping the other into his mouth. “It was her wasn’t it?” And then he stopped.

Well fuck, she was a fortune teller now?

“Don’t do this.” He muttered as he let his lips slide across the soft curve of her breast towards her nipple. He needed to forget, he needed alcohol, hell he needed her to stop talking and do other things. He sucked hard against her nipple until she tugged against his hair.

“What did she want Jon?” Fuck, would she just stop. What the hell was she doing to him?

“To be a bitch.” He muttered against her skin. Her fingers brushed under his chin tilting his gaze to meet hers. Her cheeks were high with flush and her blue eyes calm and dark. Calm like a still night on the beach of St Thomas, equally with that mysterious darkness the sea held at night.

Her hands cupped each side of his face as she drew him closer. “Let it all go,”

He frowned. What the hell? What was she? This woman confused the shit out of him at times. There was an undeniable connection between them but one that was so new to Jon, hell he wasn’t even sure what it was.

Was it love? No.

He liked her yes. But something, something every time he was with her dragged him under. Like a druggies next line of cocaine. She made him forget. He was supposed to be the one apologizing here, and somehow she’d managed to turn this whole thing around to him. Again.


“Colby, I don’t want to—“she pressed her fingers against his lips.

“Shh, its OK. Let it go. What did she do?” she pressed her lips against his letting him taste her flavor.

Why couldn’t more people be like this? Fuck, she seriously had no worries. No past relationships dragging around behind her. Nothing. He couldn’t still wrap his head around that possibility she was just free. He was an asshole to assume she had an issue.

Everyone had an issue right?

“You really want to know?” he asked her. What else could he say? She was a complete stranger. Fuck. He scratched the back of his head and went to step back, his was erection fading and fast. But she pulled him back to her.

“Don’t. Keep going. “She dragged him in by his buckle and un-looped the leather letting it slide to the floor.

“Colby-“but he ended up hissing her name into the night air as she cupped his dick stroking it slowly. He lost his footing for split second as his skin started to burn, burn with need for her. He was hard in seconds in her hot little hands.

“Tell me.”

“God, um…” he groaned as she swiveled her hand around and her thumb pressed against his balls.

“Jesus—“The rush of wind and angry toot of car horns slowly faded till all there was just her. Ex-wives and divorces were long from his mind as he captured her mouth in a long slow kiss while she continued slowly stroke him.

He mumbled into the heat of her mouth, hiking his fingers into her hair pushing it back from her face as he angled the kiss deeper. “No more talking, just kiss.” He closed his eyes when she closed hers and swallowed the little hitch in her breath. Tasting each corner of her mouth he took in her taste. Finally he broke apart pressing his forehead against hers.

“I don’t know how you do it.” He’d lost himself in her, again.

She just smiled as her eyes fell to his lips. “If I told you, I’d have to kill you – you want to go home now?”

All he could was nod. He was in a fucking alleyway in London. Was she the devil woman? He was half convinced. These kinds of women were Richie’s women. Not his. But that something… god that something made him surrender without question, she possessed.

“Your place?” he asked.

She nodded slowly and he cursed at the grin that spread across her face. She’d won and she damn well knew it.

She put him back together the little smile still playing on her lips.

“When we get somewhere private you know I am going to wipe that smile right off your face Colby Henderson.” It was a threat. A threat to have her screaming his name in seconds once they were behind closed doors.

“We’ll see.” She shifted her clothes, straightening herself and grabbing his hand. “Come on then, come show me what you’ve got.” He clasped his hand around hers and shook his head as they disappeared back into the night. What the hell was he ever going to do about her?

She was his cocaine. Just like the drug, possibly bad for him after excessive use, but in the moment gave him a buzz that made everything else seem less important. Too good to be true? He was never sure with her and if dinner was anything to go on, he’d never really know.

He wasn’t sure whether he ever wanted to find out.


Anonymous 5/12/2009 3:55 PM  

I love the new chapter! Can´t wait for more.

Judith 5/12/2009 4:42 PM  

Uhh what´s up with Colby???
Well it´s one thing to enjoy sex, but something about here makes me think of she´s reduce men to fun objects. what´s wrong with her?
Maybe her "I want to be free" attitude is because she´s afraid for deeper feelings?
But it seems about this they are both scared, just for different reasons...

You just turned everything around here Tresca.
A man who wants to talk instead of sex???
Can pigs fly???

Can´t wait what will happen next :)

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