Chapter Twelve

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

She twisted around the sheet bumping her butt into his belly as she blinked again. She’d been awake for hours, they’d come home and naturally played twister beneath the sheets. His slow heavy breathing was of little comfort to her as the night’s events played over in her mind.

Why had she been so upset? He wasn’t he first person to question her, and he wouldn’t be the last. She shifted as she felt his arm snake around her waist as his hand splay across her belly, his fingers teasing against her belly jewel.

The warm tickle of breath pricked the hairs at the back of her neck. He was a fun guy, a little high strung but that was the fun part. Making him un-strung. Proof of tonight was he needed it. Obviously relations with his ex and his American life, tension was still running high.

She absently stroked across his knuckles with the pad of her thumb as she fell into

What if he was different than the rest?

No, he couldn’t be. Men were all the same and he was still so new to her. He shifted again, rolling into her as the sheet draped lower across her breasts.

She didn’t need a relationship and she certainly didn’t need one with a man who was still carrying obvious battle scars from his last one. Then she’d end up all the same as the rest of them. Unhappy five years down the track and stuck in a rut. She’d seen it all so many times.

She watched friends from college settle down straight after studying, have kids and ten years down the road been miserable as hell. And her parents, well they were never a Hallmark card for marriage that’s for sure.

“What are thinking about?” she hadn’t realized he’d woken up behind her.

She grinned, “nothing – just couldn’t sleep,” She patted his hand against her belly.

“Why aren’t you up working, isn’t that what you usually do?” he asked resting his chin in the dip of her shoulder.

“Yeah- I didn’t feel inspired tonight.”

“Or the company was too hard to leave?” he teased against her ear as he pulled back rolling her with him. She landed on her side and scooted around to face him as he pulled the sheet right up over their head.

“If that’s what you want to think,” she teased as they bumped noses, the moonlight shrouding through the white cotton of the sheet. He dipped down and caught her lips in a kiss until it popped when he broke apart.

She’d got everything she wanted, her career and her apartment and she’d done it all on her own terms. She didn’t have to answer to anyone. And she loved it. Some may call her selfish but she knew she had a good heart.

“You’re scaring me – you’re too quiet,” he teased.

She reached up and swept back his hair, “I’m fine. I told you – I’m just menstrual.” He chuckled and nipped her nose.


She couldn’t shake the feeling, she wasn’t even sure what the hell it was.

“So – what do you want to do tomorrow after work?” she asked him.

“I have no pre-nup with Dorothea.” He simply said. She snapped her head up to his,
just been able to see the black in his blue eyes through the moonlight.

She twisted a little more into his chest and let him sift his fingers through her hair, twisting it gently around his fingers. “So she’s taking you to the cleaners?”

He nodded, “we agreed of what we’d do when I left New York and my offer was very generous. But now…” he twirled the end of her hair absently. “Now, she wants a whole lot more. I think she’s got a new guy on the scene that’s after my money.” She felt him sink further into her, the weight of his words heavier than him.

“I’m sorry Jon that must be awful. What can you do?”

See, exactly why relationships are always trouble.

He snorted. “Pay my lawyer more money.”

“Could I take her?” she asked looking up resting her chin on his shoulder.

He laughed, “most probably, but I don’t think you’ve got a bad bone in your body Colby Henderson.”

It was her turn to laugh, “well it takes something really special to make me really angry.” Her breath caught in her throat momentarily as the restaurant scene flashed through her mind.

“Yoo hoo?” she blinked and looked back up into his shadow. Christ, she needed to seriously get a grip of herself.

“Sorry, I told you I was all out of sorts tonight.” She brushed it off so effortlessly, the last thing she needed was him to get a hold of her mashed thoughts.

He leaned forward and captured her lips in a long slow kiss, his breath warm and calm. She closed her eyes and let him roll her on top of him. She grinned into his mouth as the kiss turned from sweet to hot. Her hands smoothed up over his chest and up around his neck as she pulled her mouth away from his. She let her mouth roam down the thick cords of his neck, across the bump of his Adam’s apple feeling the moan below vibrate through her mouth.

He arched up as she continued down across his flat smooth pecs, letting one hand slip under him into the deep groove of his back. Her other hand slid further south as she let her short nails scrape across his belly letting her fingers come to rest in the deep grove of his pelvis.

She looked up with hooded lids, he’d propped himself up further against the pillows and through the darkness of the night she could feel those bright eyes burning on her every move. She felt his cock bump against her thigh as she slid lower. He bunched his hands into her hair as she kissed along the flat of his belly, down.

“God,” he groaned. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and brought it to her lips
letting her breath tickle the tip of the head.

“Colby—“He shifted under her in any attempt to get her lips near the prize.

She took him, taking long strong strokes. He growled thrashing back into the pillows, her hair fanning around his thighs as she felt him let go. From tip to base, she laved along the smooth skin. She cupped one of his balls, letting her thumb circle the delicate skin.

“Jesus,” his sucked in breath popped through the darkness.

Her other hand shifted lower down his back and dug her nails into ass, the slick sweat on his rough thighs smearing across her skin. His breathing was more desperate, and hitched as she tightened her grip around his sac.

“Colby, oh god –“ he patted down for her but she stayed tight, suctioned to his cock letting her tongue swirl along the tip before pressing it against her tongue taking him deeper.

Her own arousal twisted in her gut, she needed him as much as he needed to complete what she was doing. He may found it easy to get lost in her, but she was finding it was all too easy to become lost in him.

And that was starting to scare her.

He writhed and bucked as he came, his body becoming so light under hers as he drifted away from her, sinking back into the mattress.

He reached down, as she scooched higher he cupped her ass settling her above him as she pinned her knees on either side of his hips. The wildness in her eyes matched her hair as she rocked forward and then back, her ass bumping the head of his cock.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked as she leaned down and smashed her lips on his.

Punctuating each word with a kiss she teased him ruthlessly. “I’ve got an idea, or two – or three.”

“Come here,” he titled her chin and kissed her again letting his tongue taste each corner of her mouth. She pulled away when he deepened the kiss, frowning before he let his hands trace up her sides to cup her bare breasts. As he let his thumbs drift over her little peaks she arched up and back, the glint of her belly jewel catching in the moonlight.

He grinned. “Touch your breasts…”

She looked back down at him and arched a brow.

“Isn’t that your job?”

The lean silhouette of her naked body above his was testing his patience, but he had to do it. He wanted to explore her, all of her – this woman above him was an intrigue above the rest.

He snorted, “not right now – I want to see how you take care of you, Colby.”

Her grin was one of pure evil as she cupped her breasts and leaned back, rubbing her thumbs across her nipples. His cock, threatened to launch him up right off the bed.

“Oh good fuck,” when she groaned with a little hitch in her voice, he regretted it. Damn it – why the fuck would he do this to himself – especially with her.

Never play a player.

He reached up for her hands but she clutched her breasts tighter. She grinded herself against him, so much he could feel the moisture on her thighs. He growled and in one quick move, he’d pinned her on her back.

“Don’t like that game do you?” she raised her brow and watched her little pink tongue flick out across her bottom lip.


“Shut up-“he growled as he lifted her leg up on his shoulder and slid into her easily. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up onto the pillows, for a better angle.

“Oh Jesus –“Christ she was fucking tight. His balls were about blue as he moved slowly in and out of her, the slick sound of their bodies slapping against each other filling the room.

“Higher,” she bit down on her lip as he pulled her leg higher, feeling her foot hit the side of his cheek. His eyes crossed as he sank deeper into her, stretching her. The low groan from her throat, met his mouth as her eyelids fluttered.

He joined her when her hand scooped under them, cupping his balls as her thumb massaged one lightly.

“Oh shit –“their teeth clicked as the kiss became more urgent, the need to take her higher, and harder became more important.

“Jon – faster –“she panted, the wavy locks of her hair starting to slick around her face.

He complied, rocking his hips forward and clutching her hands from his neck and pinning them at each side of her shoulder as he moved. Her little magic hands worked their magic down below, he wasn’t going to let her take him over again without her.

“No –“he growled tightening his grip around her wrists.

He let one go and found her sweet heat with the pad of his thumb. He dipped in and rubbed her clit causing her to arch beneath him. “Yesss” his hissed as he brought her close. Her breasts right there, open for the taking – he took one clean into his mouth and sucked.

She screamed his name through the room as she shook under him, finally easing as he spilled deep inside her. Slumping to the side, the sweat beaded down his temples as hands found him – her fingers lost themselves in his hair as she kissed him again.
Finally she broke away and pressed her cheek against his chest. He wrapped her up, feeling the little sigh leave her chest. Her wild hair fell over his arms as he rolled her into him, nosing into his chest.

“I could of waited longer you know,” he quipped.

She attempted to laugh but he already could feel her body growing heavy against him.

He liked her a lot – she was fascinating, and enough to hold his interest in the short term in London. In the real world, he doubted they would be compatible at all – but didn’t matter. He’d found the perfect woman for his situation. No fuss, spontaneous so it broke the cycle of long days on the set – yep, things were pretty good right? Just the way they were.


Anonymous 5/23/2009 5:00 PM  

I wonder what the deal is with Colby, and why she is so guarded. It will be interesting to hear about her past when it comes out. As usual, great chapter...very HOT!


Judith 5/25/2009 9:00 AM  

THUD! Maybe they´re not compatible in the real world, but they´re very compatible in bed...
I think Colby has more feelings for Jon as she wants to admit to herself.
As for Jonny...hmmmmm.....he has a lot of shit going on. I don´t blame him if he just wants a quick roll in the bed during his London trip....but we´ll see ;)

Anonymous 6/14/2009 9:20 AM  

I think they doth protest to much I think that they are both exactly what the other needs, remember at the start of the story she said his seperation happened for a reason, they met for a reason to. Can't wait to see where this 'none relationship' goes. Fabulous writing you have me hooked, can't wait for more.

SoulGirl 6/20/2009 3:23 PM  

Thanks so much for the comments and patience, ;) I had to think about this one and how I was going to get where I wanted to - but I'm all figured out now hehe. So hope you'll continue the ride. :)

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