Chapter Six

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

They walked back to her loft but instead of going up the stairs she led Jon to the door at the back of the foyer, her studio. With a flick of a switch the room flooded with light. Jon placed the glass he'd been carrying for her carefully down on the table. He dusted off his jeans and looked around. The work area was spacious, with glass sheets strewn across the room. Tools sat in a tangled heap on the big old work benches that centered the room. Only one table nestled in the corner wasn’t a mess. On it were displayed a selection of finished glass and pottery pieces.

”Welcome to my life,” she said opening her arms, "which I will have to get to work on very shortly. I have some orders due tomorrow".

"That's ok, I need to get back to the apartment ,have a shower and be on set within the hour," he said checking the large silver watch face on his wrist, "But this is great, a real artists creative outlet huh? Complete with mess," he chuckled.

"Hey, I still know where everything is!" She walked over the drying rack along the back wall where her pottery was all stacked. She was still new to this but the work she'd completed so far seemed to be doing ok. "I've just started doing some pottery, what do you think?" she asked handing him a large water jug.

It was heavier than he expected but the craftsmanship was far from amateurish, the sides were smooth, the spout molded perfectly and the jug's outer walls were ribbed evenly. "Colby, this is really good. Will you paint it?" he asked the natural dark tan color of the clay doing nothing for him.

"Thanks and yeah..." she picked up a bowl that was slightly off balance and sighed.

"That one I will paint, maybe bright blue."

"You're a talented girl" he said giving her a lascivious grin with a wiggle of his eyebrows, that suggested that her talents extended a little more past pottery making and glass blowing.

"Men!” She rolled her eyes, “and yes I like doing it. What's even better is, it's my passion, so I'm very lucky. You'd know all about that I assume," she said taking the jug from him and balancing it back on the shelf.

Jon stood back and scratched the back of his head "So, you want me to come over tonight right? We should finish shooting around eight I think.”

"Sure, I'll work this morning probably sleep a bit this afternoon and then work again, so eight suits me. We'll go out to dinner and then maybe, if you're a good boy I'll give you another, what the British tend to call a, ‘good rodgering’, when we get home."

Jon snickered and waved his finger at her. "We're really going to have to do something about this – you calling all the shots," he scooped her close to him and teased a light kiss over her lips. The taste of coffee and mint blended in his mouth along with her distinct smell. One he knew would haunt him for the rest of the day.

"I'm letting you away with it for now, but be warned in the future it won't always go that way?"

Colby laughed and wound her arms around his neck. "I'm pretty sure I could make you come around, I'm pretty convincing." She swiped her tongue under his upper lip before her eyes met his. His eyes flashed from blue to black momentarily.

"Well it's going to make things very interesting Miss Henderson," he kissed her again backing her slowly against the wall, his knee jamming between her legs to pin her there. His lips fell to her neck and went lower lavishing kisses as he went.

Jesus Christ. "Jon..." she breathed clutching his head with her hand. He pulled away and let her stand. "Until tonight," he said as he spun around and left her standing in the studio in shock. He'd done it. Reversed it and took the control away from her.

Her mouth twitched into a small smile. Well hell, it appeared the next few months held some promise. As soon as his ass had disappeared through the door, it clicking shut behind him, she made her way upstairs. Her skin was tingling, the feel of his soft, warm hands still fresh on her body, the imprint his moist lips blazing on her neck as she headed into the shower to start her day in earnest.


Jon sat in his dressing room four hours later. He'd retreated for lunch and fuck if his eyelids weren't as heavy as sand sacks. The morning had progressed well with minimum takes, but he was fading...and he still had a long day of filming ahead. He flipped open his cell phone and listened to his messages, smiling and rolling his eyes at a message of berating banter from his band mate Richie. All through the bitterness and upheaval of his life, some things had remained constant. One of things was the loyalty and support of his best friend.

He snapped his cell phone shut and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands. Look at yourself, exhausted after one night with a woman. He chuckled to himself while spinning around in his chair, but she wasn't like most women he'd met. She was the almost a guy's dream - casual and no strings. She'd made that intention clear from the start. And who was he to say no to that? She was generally a fun person from what he'd seen but still, he really didn't know all that much about her. Maybe it was best to keep it at that level. After all hadn’t he been trying to avoid that all this time... a relationship.

His marriage with Dorothea had started off like a fairytale, and through the different eras of his career they'd had the usual hiccups. His lifestyle she generally dealt with. He had never been a saint yet still she'd forgiven him and they'd always managed to carry on. Until recently that is, and now he was just sick of pretending. Sick of the lies.

He had an hour until make-up call, so he kicked off his shoes and flopped down on the bed, stretching the dull ache from his back. He felt like he'd run a marathon last night. Jesus one night of hard sex and you're toast. Closing his eyes, he tried to block out the world for a bit and relax, but as usual his was a mind that never rested.

He flicked back to the intriguing woman that had come into his life. Her bubbly and infectious laughter, not to mention her killer lips and what she could do with them. His cock twitched and then ached at the thought of her going down on him. Explosive blowjobs, fuck yeah. His hand rested on the denim at his crotch and he managed a small snort to himself, usually a quick jack off would lull him into a quick sleep but well fuck. He just didn’t have anything left. Besides the promise of the night's activities already had him wanting to savor any rest he could get.

The next thing he knew there was a sharp loud rapping on his trailer door, he sat up and cracked an eye open. He'd fallen asleep and was overdue to makeup. Shit, he scrambled from the bed and toed on his boots, shrugged on his jacket and flew out the door. Making a beeline for the coffee-cart he made it to make-up and was on set in time for the rest of his day of filming.


Colby wiped her brow and adjusted the safety goggles on her face as the bright flare of glass burned at the end of her rod, she plucked at the fiery blob with her pick trying to shape it into the cat that she'd promised the next door neighbour's daughter for her birthday. She always liked to finish off with something a little more creative. Having made a dozen vases and bowls for a bulk order due out later in the week she was happy to be done with generic stuff for the day.

Jon stood in the doorway, she hadn't heard him come in, it was a little after eight and he could hear the fusing sounds coming from her studio along with the blaring of U2's Bloody Sunday. Sneaking a little further into the room he leaned himself against a piece of unadorned wall and crossed his arms grinning. She was deep in her work, tossing around like a bright orange glob on the end of a tool which resembled a long steel pole, and using over-sized tweezers to pinch it into shape.

Her hair was all pulled back in a rough birds nest, and she was wearing oversized overalls that looked at least two sizes too big for her, and work boots. A tight white t-shirt peaked beneath the khaki colored overalls, the flicker of bright lime came from her neck that was lined in chunky glass beads.

He watched, fascinated at how she made an indiscriminate blob of hot glass become a little what looked like a cat figurine in just minutes. "That's incredible". She shot her head up and pulled her goggles on her head.

"Well... looky’s the actor. All done for the day, huh?" she cocked her hand on her hip and popped the top of her overalls so the front part fell down, leaving just the tight white ribbed t-shirt underneath. Jon gulped, noticing her nipples straining hard against the material.

"Yes... all done for today. Well work is anyway." He said making himself meet her eyes. It's not right that she's this sexy just like that. Get a fucking grip of yourself.

She flicked off some switches and tonged the glass onto the cooling plate before walking towards him. She admired the charcoal wide collared shirt he was wearing under his leather jacket, the dullness of the color brought out his eyes. The tight dark jeans fitted nicely across his thighs and ran down to his battered boots.

"So?" She asked coyly rubbing herself against him, "are we ready to do something fun tonight?" she let her knee run up his inner leg as she licked her lips keeping her eyes on his.

The denim in his jeans had already tightened for fuck's sake and he'd been here a whole ten minutes. The scruffy look of her should have turned him off, but instead he had already eyed up the large empty wooden table in the corner for a possible angle. "Of course I am" he leaned in and dropped a kiss on her lips before letting his tongue slide inside. Looping around hers they tangled their arms around each other.

She let herself melt into him, he smelled freshly showered, and of warm spice. Her spine tingled at the calloused finger-tips on the back of her neck. "Well, I need to go and have a shower so make yourself at home" she pulled away leaving him leaning into air before she disappeared up the stairs.

"Colby" he groaned. God damn it, she'd done it again. How did he keep falling for that? He followed her up the stairs where the sound of running water echoes from the bathroom. He walked around the apartment, there was always something to look at, and it fascinated him how she could live in such an organized mess.

Her ledger was wide open on the table with figures scrawled in pencil. She did all her finances in a book? Who the fuck did that these days? Now that he thought of it, he didn’t remember seeing a computer or fancy technology to aid her work at all. He scratched his head and wondered how the hell someone lived like this when trying to run their own business.

Colby showered quickly and drying herself with a fluffy white towel. She remembered this time to moisturize herself, smearing on some body butter and polishing her face with some facial cream. What to wear, that was the next thing. She'd planned to take Jon to Firestorm, a popular nightclub in walking distance from where she lived. She pulled on a blood red A- line dress that fell just about her knees. Slipped into some matching strappy sandals and swept her hair up into a messy up-do. Plucking out a pair of silver metallic bead earrings she fastened them in her ear lobes. Perfect.

Jon sat on the couch he rubbed his temples, god he was tired. Filming had been taking a lot of out him, not to mention a certain fiery woman. Get hard, Jesus Christ. The click of heels made him look up and nearly shrink back into the couch. Holy fuck.

The sexy red dress didn't just show off her perfectly sculptured legs. The plunging v-neck line showed a generous amount of cleavage, causing him to swallow hard. She looked fresh and sexy. He stood and patted his jeans down, praying the day’s fifth erection caused by her couldn't be seen. "You look fucking incredible ".

"Glad you think so, that's one point in your favor for the night so far," she winked grabbing her clutch purse. "Ready to go? We can grab a bar snack at the club if it's ok by you?"

"Of course, I ate on set so I'm not overly hungry." He held out his arm for her as she slipped her keys into her purse and linked his arm. She not only looked good, she smelt it. Sweet like Spring Mint and something else he quite couldn't pick.

They enjoyed the short walk to the club which was already packed but as soon as they saw Jon, they ushered him in with Colby at his side avoiding the queues. "Now I know why you wanted to come here, you just wanted the VIP treatment didn't you? I feel used," he whispered against her ear.

She turned and ran her hands across his top "You'll feel more used by the time I'm done with you handsome," she ran her hands down the silk shirt resting her hands at the buckle of his jeans. He groaned and gritted his teeth "Colby, what did I say about that?"

She giggled lightly "Come on grumpy let's get a drink." She pulled him to the bar and ordered a round of tequila shooters and a couple of beers.

"Tequila?" his eyebrow arched. She just didn't stop. Fuck me.

"Uh huh," she licked her hand and sprinkled some salt on her hand before she threw back one and completed the ritual with the salt and lemon. "Your turn" she grinned.

Jon rolled his eyes and followed suit, he hadn't drunken tequila like this in years and god, still now it had that unmistakable foul taste. He slammed down the empty shot glass, licked his hand and bit into the wedge of lemon. "God" he spluttered "I'm good. I'm good, what next?" He asked.

"There you go, knew you were a party boy. Come on, let's drink to freedom. No more ball and chain," she nudged him with her elbow. She watched his face go dark and the frown set in. Shit. "Come on Jon, it happened for a reason… a good one right?" She asked pulling her beer back for a drag. "Come on, let's dance." She tugged on his arm and pulled him up close as they walked onto the dance floor.


The Goddess Hathor 3/02/2009 2:09 PM  

I just love how Colby is bold and brassy. Says what's on her mind no matter what. C'mon, Jonny boy, dance with her....

~ Hath

Judith 3/02/2009 4:38 PM  

LMAO! I really love Colby, but she will bring our birthday boy into an early grave
He will not know what had hit him until it´s too late and he has lost his heart

TaraLeigh 3/14/2009 2:55 AM  

Poor Jon.
LOL For the first time in his life he feels too old to party. LOL

Colby is just a 'devil in a RED dress' that's for sure. Somehow I don't think Jon will end up with blue balls tho. ;)

Maybe a coma, but definitely not blue balls.

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