Chapter Seven

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

Colby pulled him in close by the lapels of his shirt and swayed her body against his, grinding her belly into him until she felt his groin pressing against her. Her hands slipped under his coat and around to the back of his silk shirt.

“Forget about her Jon, come play with me,” she whispered into his mouth letting her tongue glide across his bottom lip.

He groaned as his hands slid down, cupping her ass as she swayed under him. The taste of tequila was on her lips laced with citrus and beer. “I want you,” he moaned, his voice fell low and his eyes closed as he lost herself in her heat. He could feel her nipples pressing into the silk of his shirt through the flimsy material of her dress made him hard in seconds. His mouth grazed across her shoulders as he dipped in the hollow of her neck to taste.

Her hands ran further up his back as she titled her head back “Have me then. Right here Jon.” He snapped his head up to catch her gaze. What in the hell? There was nothing innocent about her as her eyes darkened, she was fucking serious. And fuck if anything was going to stop him.

Her fingers weaved through his cropped hair and she crashed her lips down on his. The heat and desire burning in her body for him, she wrote off to just the moment. She wanted him to take her here, she wanted him to let go.

The sea of people all faded away and the only thing left in focus was her... rubbing her body against his. His erection pressed further into her belly. The Sultry beats of the song dragged him further into the want that was starting to consume him. She tugged him away from the people, into a dim corner away from the strobe lighting that sliced across the floor. His head fell to her lips pushing her hard into the corner. She lifted her leg and slid it up and down the outside of his thigh, her hands slid to his buckle and looped the belt open before sliding down his zip.

“God damn you,” he groaned into her mouth. He was throbbing for her, the blood in his head had long rushed to the other into his pants.

“Come on you love it, the thrill... the risk of getting caught. The thought of people watching, you know you love it.” She nibbled on his lobe. Her hands sliding further up his shaft grazing her nails across the underside of him. “You want to want to...but you can’t... can you Jon?” she grinded her hips forward against him, “I don’t want you to wait...I’m ready for you now.”

“Colby” he buried his moan in her neck. Again he’d fallen under the influence of her. She had his cock in her hands and there were dozens of people around for fuck’s sake. His hands on her thighs shifted the flimsy fabric north leaving his fingers to explore her skin. Keeping her concealed with his own body he hooked his finger through the lace of her underwear. The snap took her by surprise as he ripped the thin lace pulling it from her and tucking it in his back pocket.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” her heart pounded in her chest as he hoisted her leg over his waist and slid comfortably into her. “Oh god,” she titled her head back flattening her back as far against the wall as she could. Her body shook once with the force of orgasm taking her completely by surprise.

“Like that huh?” the tingling in his veins that he had back the control started to creep back in. She was falling limp against his body. He started to rock his hips in time to the music which had changed to a racy dance track. The smoky haze of the club wrapped around them and no one was any the wiser as to what they were doing.

“Jon” she gasped, each thrust became stronger, bolder and more urgent.
She wasn’t sure if the dizziness she was experiencing was from the tequila or him. Her hands gripped onto his shoulders and she met each thrust with the arch of her body.

His thumb fell under the fabric and found her tight knot, he flicked it from side to side sending her into frenzy. The music faded and the lights blended as the release burst through her. Her nails dug in and her thighs clenched as her moans were lost in the sounds of the club.

He let himself go. Fire roared through him sending him spilling deep inside of her. “Jesus Christ,” He panted against her trying discretely to recompose himself. His forehead was slick with sweat; she wiped it dry with the side of her hand.

“All better?” she asked quietly. It’d been for him, but holy crap if that wasn’t something she hadn’t experienced in awhile, the adrenaline, but worse… the want.

He shifted her dress back down, and quickly adjusted his jeans and belt. His brain was still buzzing, he looked around and sure as shit no one had given them a second look. Well fuck.

She squeezed herself from the corner and straightened herself “I’m just going to go and take care of a few needs, and clean up. You order us some drinks and I’m a little hungry, can you get something to nibble on.” she said clutching her purse disappearing to the ladies.

Jon couldn’t help but grin as she walked away, he took up residence at the bar sliding onto a stool and ordering two beers and a platter of bar snacks. He was hungry, but he was also starting to feel the effects of the day catching up with him. He paid the bar tender and rubbed his eyes, stifling a yawn.

“I just want to eat then we’ll head off,” he was jolted back to consciousness with a slap on his back.

“I’m fine, really. Come here.” He scooped her onto his lap letting her swing her legs over the side of his knees. He pressed a light kiss to her lips. “You’re amazing Colby Henderson,” he tucked a stray strand of her hair away from where it was caught in her earring.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” she traced her pinkie just below his eyes. He was tired, the black rings were slowly digging in. The sadness in his eyes also became more obvious to her at that moment. She wanted to be the one to take it away for him. Let him live, get back to himself for awhile.

The smile he forced didn’t quite reach his eyes “Thank you,” was all he said. In just two days this woman seemed to have an effect on him that he couldn’t explain. The kind that had him wondering every time they parted, when would be able to see her again. She was so different than his ex. She was so easy and so...casual.

They ate the bar snacks in a comfortable silence looking across the bar every so often pointing people out. Colby dipped a fry into ketchup before popping it into her mouth. “So do you want to talk about it?” she asked softly.

Jon raised his eyebrow and then shook his head “Ah. No it’s fine... I’m ok. You don’t need to hear it all,” he said beating her to the next fry on the plate.

“Hey!” she swiped him playfully. “Well if you ever do, I’m a good listener,” she swirled it around in the sauce before licking it off and taking a bite.

“Thanks, I appreciate that. But you don’t need to worry about me,” he flicked his gaze away. His thumb circled the top of his beer as he fell into thought.

She shook her head, typical man. “Come on then. Let’s get us home, I’m kind of beat too” she said hooking her arm through his. “Oh... and you owe me a pair of panties by the way,” she whispered as they exited the club.

He snorted, “Well that can be arranged, do I get to pick them out?” He asked as they fell into step on the sidewalk.

“Isn’t a surprise better?” she asked her lips curling into a smirk.

He rolled his eyes “Depends on who’s being surprised I suppose”.

Once home she locked up the downstairs area before joining Jon upstairs. He’d already stripped off and crawled in between her sheets.

She toed off her heels and plucked off her jewellery letting it fall in a pile on her dresser before lifting her dress off and sliding into bed next to him. She rolled on top of him, his hands sliding down to her lower back holding her close to him. “Sleep,” she whispered kissing the top of his head and then his nose. His eyes hooded, watching her and then they closed. She lay there for a few minutes watching him sleep, and waited till his breathing evened out.

Rolling off him she rolled over and closed her eyes, a few hours work wouldn’t hurt then she’d grab some sleep. Jon needed some rest, it was obvious he wasn’t sleeping as well as he should be right now. She slipped into her overalls and headed back downstairs with a small smile playing on her lips.


Judith 3/12/2009 3:55 AM  

They did it in the club? Whohoooo Colby will get him in some serious trouble soon ;)
But holy shit, this was HOT! seems the once just for fun connection between them is slowly getting more serious. The way she wants to know what´s going on and what his problems are. And she starts to take care of him and try to make him feel better.
And Jon, hmm, is it just a small step from want and won´t miss someone anymore... He´s already thinking about it....

The Goddess Hathor 3/12/2009 9:07 AM  

Whew, that was SOME dance! Very tastefully done, and extremely erotic. I chuckled at Jon's almost disappointment that nobody noticed what they were doing...

I have to agree with Judith -- it seems that this is building into more than just a little fling. If it doesn't kill them, that is.

~ Hath

Anonymous 3/22/2009 7:09 PM  

I just stopped fanning myself to write this... HOLY CRAP THAT WAS HOT! LOL
This is going to get pretty serious pretty soon
Can we have the next chapter please?!

TaraLeigh 3/26/2009 2:20 AM  

Okay--this is one of my favorite songs. So random and sexy--it fit the chapter perfectly.

Loved the sexual beat to the song--it seemed to match them in every way. A little gritty--a little dirty--a whole lot sexy. Really great writing and choice.

Now--Colby's actually thinking about him in a non sexual way to help him out? That's a new facet to her personality.

Interesting test to the relationship.

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